Join Sanfe’s Affiliate Program 

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“Use collaborators Kit To Effectively Utilise Sanfe Affiliate Program”

All you have to do is help empower women by informing them about the benefits of Sanfe’s products. You can spread the message using your website, blog, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media networks and encourage women to join the #StandUpForYourself movement! Just sign up below and generate your own affiliate link. Use this link and get paid to help others.

What is an affiliate program?

Sanfe’s affiliate program pays you for each sale generated by your Affiliate link. Our Affiliate marketing programs does not require any fees, so there’s no risk to you.

Why you should join Sanfe’s affiliate program?

Sanfe wants you to #StandUpForYourself and empower women to make the progressive choice to stay safe, healthy & hygienic.

Our Commission Structure

Affiliates are paid upon based actual sales. Each sale that happens through your Affiliate link gets a flat commision of 10% of sales value.

Steps to Join Sanfe’s Affiliate Program

Step 1 – Join our affiliate program by create an account and then filling the form completely
Step 2 – Wait for our approval for 3 days
Step 3 – You will be receiving a confirmation mail from us along with our influencer media kit. (This will help you in spreading the word more effectively)
Step 4 – Login to your account to generate the affiliate link –
Step 5 – Use this link to spread the word and Empower women to stay healthy & hygienic with Sanfe
Step 6 – Get paid on 8th of every month
Step 7 -Use “collaborators Kit “To  Effectively Utilise Sanfe Affiliate Program .

“This collaborators kit contains information ad banner, images and video on sanfe’s products”