Sanfe is one of it’s kind female urinary device that allows women to stand and urinate. 

According to several reports, one in every two women suffers from some form of Urinary Tract infections during their lifetime due to unclean public utilities. Popular alternatives to this include withholding urine, which further may cause long term medical hazards or semi squatting, causing discomfort and pain. Sanfe offers a novel and hygienic solution to these problems and eliminates the risk of infection.

To use the device, simply press against the seams of the device and adjust the size of the larger opening of the funnel according to your need and place the device under the flow area. After using, dispose the device in the nearest bin.

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The device and its material are specially designed to be waterproof and splash proof to ensure that no mess is created.

Sanfe is size adjustable and is extremely user friendly, therefore it can be used b children too.

 Sanfe is currently available at our online retail portal (link these words to the shop), or at other online retail portals like Amazon (connect to link) and Flipkart (connect to link). The product is also available at local Apollo clinics and will soon be available at your local pharmacy.

The product is designed to be a single use device only. It should be disposed off after a single use to avoid infection.

Due to its minimalistic design, the product is extremely long lasting. But to ensure quality and hygiene, the recommended shelf life is five years.

Sanfe is extremely handy and portable, being only 22 centimeter in width and only 9.5 centimeter in height. Being only a one time use device and easily disposable, Sanfe can easily be taken along on the road

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