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Novel Innovation by IIT Delhi alumni and Professors, working on health care and sanitation for women.

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71% of the public washrooms are not cleaned on the regular basis, women suffer from the immense difficulty as they have to sit every time over the toilet seats while peeing and get infected by the germs and infections over the toilet seats.  They don’t have other another alternatives either they either have to hold the urine or wipe the toilet seats.

Corporate women, travelling women and the women going for trips and treks, often have to hold the pee or dehydrate themselves, as they can’t always find the clean washrooms, so a sustainable solution is needed to handle the bad conditions of public washrooms.

The team, jointly with Professors from the IIT Delhi has designed a sanitation product, which gives women the freedom to stand and urinate, avoiding the contact with the toilets seats and preventing them from the infections prevalent using the public washrooms.  Sanfe is unique in terms of its design, which is a menstrual friendly design, can be used by women during her menstrual periods, Sanfe is designed keeping in mind the needs of its customers, it is a one-handed grip product, it can be used by a single hand and the other hand can be used to hold the dress, which is ideal for the Indian Women wearing Sarees and Suits. Students have gone through a number of design iterations, including the needs of the consumers in their product, making it more consumer-centric product.

Sanfe, sanitation for females is a biodegradable disposable product, which is priced less than ₹5 would be available in the leading E-Commerce stores, from the next week.  The team has got pre-orders of 50,000 units from the various organisations, for placing this product.

Sanfe is novel urinary device, giving freedom to stand and pee.in their washrooms and promoting the sanitation. The team has distributed 600 products in Delhi at various public places and colleges gathering the product feedback and creating the sustainable impact.

The team got incubation at FITT, IIT Delhi and the University of Texas in Austin, to develop the IP for mitigating the E.Coli bacteria present in the perineum region, with the lab testing, the team identified the cause for urinary tract infections, which is E.coli bacteria. FDA approved microbial coating would be put on the product, so as to mitigate the infections and the germs, present in the perineum region, and prevent the women from the UTIs.

Sanfe is not only useful for the public washrooms, but also for the pregnant women, women with knee pains and the back pains, as they suffer from the immense pain while sitting/squatting over the toilet seats.

This is the most affordable sanitation product, aimed to reach billions and empower the lives of women and promote sanitation. Redroom Technology, has the manufacturing unit at Noida, for the production.

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