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Sanfe a revolutionary idea | Preventive women health care

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There are those who wait for specific problems to take centre stage before they seek out to remedy it. There are also those who actively seek to rectify the issues that are shrouded in social stigma.Born out of this revolutionary attitude, Archit Agarwal, a student of IIT Delhi, along with his classmate Harry Sehrawat founded the Redroom Technologies Private Limited.

This ambitious startup is incubated at Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer, IIT Delhi. The flagship product of the startup is a novel female urinary device, Sanfe- Sanitation for females.

The device aims to increase accessibility of females to clean public utilities, the lack of which causes one in every two women to fall prey to Urinary Tract Infections. The situation is exceptionally grave for females with field jobs or those on the road, often forcing them to dehydrate themselves or withhold from urinating for unhealthy lengths of time. Pregnant women and patients with arthritis are among the many that are not able to conform to the popular alternatives of semi-squatting or hovering over the unhygienic utilities. These women must subject themselves to extreme discomfort and pain to fulfil a basic bodily necessity.

Following the approach of typical Urinary Devices, Sanfe allows women to stand and pee, eliminating physical contact and with it, the risk of infections.

However being one of its kind regarding design, the device allows for single-handed grip, making it more efficient to use regardless of attire and apparel. Along with being menstrual friendly, it is also adjustable regarding size. The single-use nature and handy dimensions also allow for positive user experience. And to create a broader user base by the team’s understanding of affordable healthcare, the product is priced at an incredibly consumer friendly rate of ₹ 10 per unit, making it the cheapest product available in India.

The team is currently aiming to develop a coating to mitigate the E.Coli bacteria present in the perineum region, which act as the major cause for Urinary Tract Infections.

These user-friendly features were developed through multiple rounds of iteration and were validated with over 600 successful cases of beta testing. As a result, there have been a wave of many public, private and non-governmental institutions pre-ordering the product, sending the numbers up to 23,000 pieces and counting.

Sanfe would be available from last week of July 2018 onwards through both offline and online mediums to maximise the awareness regarding the product and the cause it represents, and also to realise the team’s aspirations of making the product as accessible as possible.

Redroom Technologies has tied up Apollo Hospitals and will also be available at online medical portals like 1mg. The product will be available on Amazon and various offline channels too.

These achievements were accomplished under the guidance of Professor Seema Sharma, Department of Managment Studies, IIT Delhi and Professor Srinivasan Venkataraman, Department of Design.

Along with being extremely positively received at Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment (WEE) Foundation, Department of science and technology, the startup also received the prestigious Aarambh award (IIT Delhi). Sanfe is also associated with the University of Texas at Austin. The many milestones that Sanfe has achieved can proudly be credited to the relentless determination of its founders and the silent potential that was born out of the unique design and accessibility.  

Startup: Redroom Technologies Private limited
Founders: Archit Agarwal, Harry Sehrawat
Sector: Healthcare
Year It Was Founded In 2018
Focus Area: Female Sanitation and Hygiene
Based In: IIT Delhi

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