Pack of Sanfe

User trials and Testing of Sanfe

Pack of Sanfe


Product name: Sanfe
Product type: Female Urinary Device



Archit Agarwal and Harry Sehrawat, were the classmates, jointly doing the project on making the report of public washrooms in Delhi, astonished by the bad conditions of the public washrooms, understanding the pains of women, they were motivated enough to solve the problem, they got the idea of toilet cleansing machine, which was a capital-intensive solution, so to figure out the solution, which was scalable and sustainable, they got the idea of stand and pee devices.

The idea behind the product:

The founders of Sanfe realized that Urinary Tract Infections and lack of affordable female sanitation facilities are issues that are marked with social stigma and are not likely to take a centre stage in recent future. This realization gradually dawned upon them through countless rounds of casual conversation with their female acquaintances. It was then that Archit decided to not wait for the menace to silently grow and fester. Thus, Sanfe was conceived.

About the Product:

Sanfe allows women to stand and pee, eliminating physical contact and with it, the risk of infections. Being one of its kind in terms of design, the
device allows for single-handed grip, making it more efficient to use
regardless of attire and apparel. Along with being menstrual friendly, it is
also adjustable in terms of size. The single-use nature and handy
dimensions also allow for a positive user experience. And to create a wider
user base in accordance with the team’s understanding of affordable healthcare,
the product is priced at an incredibly consumer friendly rate of INR 5 per unit.


Details of Trials and Tests:

The final product was designed after 23 rounds of iteration, changing the design of the product each time, featuring the added advantages and making it more comfortable for the user.
The certification from IIT Delhi has allowed the team to conduct over 600 successful user trials.
For its latest round of beta testing, the team has already distributed over 1000 products in Delhi at various public places, colleges and public gatherings. The positive feedback from the future customers justifies the novelty and sustainability of the innovation.

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