See Aunt Flo comes with a number of problematic minions, unbearable cramps, muscle ache, weird food cravings and not to forget the mood swings but what's most twitchy of them all is the constant anxiety! Did I leave a stain? Did I leak my clothes? Oh God I have to change again! 

Yes we are talking about the usual sanitary napkins to which we can't thank enough but also can't ignore the sheer discomfort and the regular need to change and carrying an extra wherever we go! Not to forget the dumping of it is a problem in itself. 

Most of us don't rely on other sanitary products because of lack of awareness and the fear of the unknown! Let's solve at least a part of this problem and talk about menstrual cups in this article. 

Menstrual cups have recently started gaining popularity among the Indian females but still are a fairly unknown product. Menstrual cup is a bell shaped cup that comes with a stem and is usually made of medically certified silicone or latex rubber. It is inserted inside the vagina to collect menstrual fluid and is later emptied as per the need. Unlike tampons and sanitary napkins, menstrual cups collect the menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it and instead of using a new one each time, a menstrual cup can be used for over 10 years. It overrules the problem of disposing off and buying a new pack of tampons or pads every cycle. They are gaining popularity because of its Eco-friendly and cost effective nature. 

Let's dive into the usage of a menstrual cup! 

Before your cycle begins,

# You need to put the menstrual cup into a pot of boiling water

# Let it sit for a while. It disinfects the cup from any micro-bacteria.

One menstrual cup can easily be reused for one cycle without having to repeat this process again. After your cycle ends you need to wash it with clean water and a little soap and repeat the above process to store it carefully. 

After disinfecting the cup, you can use a water based lubricant (also see,NO OIL) on the rim of the cup.

# The cup is then folded into half and inserted into the vagina like a tampon

# Place a few inches below the cervix.

# The cup is then rotated and put firmly into place to ensure no leaks.

# The cup collects the fluid and can be emptied as per the convenience and flow of the period. Usually a cup needs to be changed every 12 hours.

    There is a popular myth that says how a menstrual cup needs to be removed every time you want to pee. That is not true! Since the cup is placed below the cervix and not under the urethra, you don't need to remove it every time. The cup needs to be emptied and washed with clean water and can be reinserted back again. 

    The only thing you need to make sure is to wash your hands before and after you insert the cup. Not only are menstrual cups Eco-friendly but also save a lot of money. It is one time investment and is thought to collect more blood than pads and tampons. You just need to find a cup that suits you and your Auntflo right and you will be good to go for a long time! 

    Written by - Dimple Hotchandani