Sanfe Do-It-All Face Razors - with Dual Blade | Sanfe Face razor for w

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Sanfe Do-It-All Face Razors - with Dual Blade | Sanfe Face razor for women facial hair | Facial hair remover | 2 blade options for a smoother finish | Eyebrow shaper

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Female face shaving has been a hidden-gem that celebrities have been using for decades It is the best natural way to achieve a glowing, radiant complexion with tons of benefits for your skin and makeup. This 2 heads razor has further perfected the female face razor and shave experience with its patent-pending design, 2 blade options all made for the gentle skin.

  • Shave Them & Shape Them
  • One-in-all Solution
  • Best-kept beauty secret
  • Face Exfoliation Tool
  • Thrive for Perfection 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
This is doing wonders!

Today itself, I got the product. I was scared that I couldn't use it as I didn't have any idea how to use it. But it's really easy and it doesn't hurt my face. It isn't a normal blade. This is made for only women. I'm glad to have these two heads. I used this for my chin , upper lip and lower lip. I also have hair like a beard (small thin hair that I don't even like). Totally worth the price... Should definitely buy this to save money from parlour.

Best face razor out there!

A very good product. I was very worried when I was going to place this order about whether it would work or not. But after first use I was very surprised seeing the result like parlour. I am very happy with this purchase. The best part is that it comes with 2 heads, and youll not need the separate razor for your upper lips and other parts of your face.

It works perfectly!

It was very easy to get rid of my facial hair. I have very thick eye brows and I want to look a bit groomed. I just tried to do my eye brows very patiently thanks to their 2nd head, and it turned out pretty well. I recommend this for facial hair. But for eye brows, you must be very cautious. Must apply moisturizer after shaving.

A must have product!

You should definitely buy this. I used to have a lot of hair on my face and I had to go for waxing every month. So, I saw a youtuber using it and I purchased it. The hairs do grow back thick and fast. It's really easy to use and the blades are sharp, so you can remove hair in one go and you don't have to redo it again and again. Highly recommended!!

I am really happy with my purchase!

I don't have a lot of facial hair but was still unhappy with my skin. One gentle swoop across the face and I was amazed at how easily it removes tiny hairs you didn't even know you had! It leaves your skin super soft and silky smooth. The next day, or rather, after about 12 hours, it really starts to glow. I feel like this is better than bleaching your face because you're not putting any harmful products on your face. I bought it solely for my face, and I'm very happy with it.