Clean Period Set - Sanitary Pads + Intimate Wash

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Uphold your standards of cleanliness even during the messy times of a periodic cycle.

With an offer on our combo of organic pads and intimate wash.  


  • Complete Personal Hygiene Care
  • Grant the Wish of a Woman to Stay Healthy
  • Stock Up on Natural Essentials


Sanfe Clean Period Set



Our Bamboo Sanitary Pads are 100% organic and skin-friendly. Cotton provides a cushiony texture that feels like feathers on your skin, keeping you far far away from rashes. The pads are not just ultra thin, but comes with super-absorbent technology.


Day or night, use our Intimate Wash anytime to freshen up and bring back your skin’s pH to a perfect 3.5 level. Specially curated with Sulphate and paraben-free components and enriched with Tea-tree Essential Oils, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera.

Sanfe Rash Free Bamboo Sanitary Pads


Thin & Soft

Ultra-thin with superior multi-layer absorption, you won't feel like you're wearing a pad.


Perfect absorbent layers that keep you from leaking and keep you feeling fresh.


It’s created with non-irritating formula that is great for sensitive skin.


Hypoallergenic and free from parabens, chlorine, fragrance and latex.

Sanfe Intimate Wash


No Odour
& Itching

Our wash is crafted with a 3 in 1 cleansing formula preventing bad odor, skin irritation, and itching.

and Paraben Free

Free from harsh and irritating chemicals. Sanfe intimate wash maintains health of your delicate area in the most natural way.

Gently cleanses
& freshens

Sanfe intimate wash gently cleanses your delicate area while maintaining the PH level.


Lactic acid formulation in our intimate wash ensures an ideal vaginal pH level of 3.5.

— Get To Know More —

How can Sanfe Clean Period Set be helpful?

Uphold your standards of cleanliness even during the messy times of a periodic cycle.
With an offer on our combo of organic pads and intimate wash.
Complete Personal Hygiene Care.
Grant the Wish of a Woman to Stay Healthy.
Stock Up on Natural Essentials.

How does intimate wash help me? Why should I not use soap?

Intimate Wash holds special components which maintain the pH balance of the delicate private area on your body. This helps you to get rid of the discomfort and itching, and leaves you with a fresh feeling. Regular bathing soap is incapable of maintaining the exact pH balance of the delicate area, and killing the germs. This is why you should be avoiding use of soap.

Is there an age limit for using intimate wash?

There is no age limit for the usage of Intimate Wash. It is for any female - a girl, or a woman - in order to maintain personal hygiene and stay healthy.

Is it scientifically proven that intimate wash is best for women hygiene?

There are various ways of taking care of your personal hygiene. Intimate Wash is not particularly sworn upon by scientists, but they are definitely one of the most important products.

Why are organic cotton pads better?

The 100% organic cotton pads are better because they are crafted with a super absorbent bamboo core and cushiony texture to keep you dry and comfy, ultra-thin superior multi-layer absorption. They are also chemical free and rash free.

What if I get rashes after using pads?

The pads are created with a non-irritation formula that is great for sensitive skin. You will get 100% refund if you get a rash.

What is the absorbency level of pads?

The pads come with super absorbency i.e. perfect absorbent layers and a unique formula to keep you from leaking. The pads come in two variants. The Organic Day Pads with super absorbency for moderate flow and the Organic Night Pads with super plus absorbency for Heavy Flow.

Can I dispose the pads by flushing?

We would strictly advise you to put the used pad in an individual bag and dispose of in the bin. Please do not flush.

What are the components used in the pads?

The pads are crafted with 100% natural bamboo fiber core and nurtured without the use of toxins, pesticides or synthetic chemicals. There are also hypoallergenic breathable sheets in order to lock foul odors and irritation.

— Delivery Related FAQ —

How many days do you take to deliver the orders?

We take 3-4 business days to deliver normally, from the day of placing the order.

How can I track my order?

After placing the order, you will get an Order ID with which you can track the status of the order on our website. Once the order is shipped, we will provide you with a tracking link so that you can track the movement of your order.

How can I return a product?

Please note that the return and refund policies are different for each product. To return a product which is eligible, please reach out to our customer care number 9899 288 631 or send us a mail at

How will I get a refund for an order I have returned?

Refund is provided for prepaid orders only. Your refund will be initiated within 3-5 working days of receiving the refund request and authorization of the refund. The refund amount will be credited back into the same account (online banking, credit card, debit card, or whichever available) that was used to make the purchase.

What happens if I receive damaged/wrong products?

It is quite unlikely to receive damaged products since we take utmost care of everything related to hygiene and safety. In case you receive any damaged/wrong products, please reach out to our customer care number 9899 288 631 or send us a mail at at the earliest.

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