Why Sanfe

According to report by ActionIndia, about 71% of the public washrooms are in unusable conditions. Women, being more vulnerable to Urinary Tract Infections have to face serious risks in this regard. WHO states that one woman out of every two suffer from UTIs. As a response, women tend to withhold from urinating or do so by semi-squatting. This leads to the formation of kidney stones and weakening of the bladder muscles.


Need for sanfe

Our team at IIT Delhi has built a novel sanitation device – SANFE, which allows women to STAND AND URINATE eliminating physical contact of body with dirty toilet seats and with it, the risk of infections.

This SINGLE USE, BIODEGRADABLE product boats of a unique menstrual friendly design. Some of the features are :

Closed Design
Enclosing the entire perineum region making it splash proof and ensuring zero leakage

Menstrual Friendly
Accommodating all bodily secretions and facilitating continuous flow of blood clots along the passage

About Sanfe
About Sanfe

Enabling better grip and eliminating chances of paper cut with rounded edges

Single Hand Thumb Grip
Providing easier grip and accommodating all forms of attires

Wiping Mechanism
Automatically wipes the perineum area post usage

Flexible Design
Allows adjustment in size of the opening to accommodate anatomy of the woman

Product Visualisation
Better understanding and aesthetics of the device.

Slipping Mechanism
Product can wipe the perineum area

About Sanfe


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