Sanfe – Disposable, Portable Urination Device For Women and Girls. Menstrual Friendly, Gentle to Skin – Simply Stand and Pee (Pack of 80)

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  • By using Sanfe as a female urination device, women can ‘stand and pee’ by avoiding unhygienic public washrooms.
  •  Sanfe helps prevents women from contracting UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).
  • By Enclosing the entire perineum region Sanfe makes it splash proof and ensuring zero leakage.
  • Sanfe is easy to use and specially designed for pregnant women, working women, college girls and women with joint knee problems. Sanfe can also come handy for women wearing traditional Indian attire with a special feature of single-handed usage.
  • Ideal female pee device for use in public washrooms or public toilet at Schools, Colleges, Offices, Metro stations. Airports, Railways, and Restaurants.
  • Sanfe is the innovation from IIT-Delhi Team. Sanfe is biodegradable, menstrual friendly and gentle to the skin.
  •  Pack of 80 Contains 80 female urination funnels. (Free Shipping on orders above Rs. 500. Taxes applicable at actuals during checkout)
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Why use Sanfe?

Holding your pee exposes your body to potentially harmful bacteria, which can increase your chances of getting Urinary Tract Infections (one kind of urine infection).

71% of the public washrooms are in unusable conditions. Women, being more vulnerable to Urinary Tract Infections have to face serious risks in this regard.

WHO states that one woman out of every two suffers from UTIs. As a response, women tend to withhold from urinating or do so by semi-squatting. This leads to the formation of kidney stones and weakening of the bladder muscles leads to triggering many urinary bladder problems.

Sanfe is India’s first biodegradable and menstrual friendly female pee funnel which eliminates public washroom fear.

Sanfe help avoid dirty toilet seats by allowing women to pee by standing up and it’s a must-have thing in a girl’s personal hygiene kit.

Sanfe is designed to suit women of all ages and all shapes and this makes Sanfe ideal urine funnel for girls hygiene.

When can you use Sanfe?

Sanfe should be used at any place where you encounter unclean toilet. Women can also use Sanfe during their menstruation cycle.

Sanfe can also come handy for women wearing traditional Indian attire.

Sanfe is ideal for working women, pregnant women, women with arthritis, and the differently-abled. Women can follow their menstrual hygiene as Sanfe is fully menstrual friendly.

Salient Features

Sanfe Encloses the entire perineum region making it splash proof and ensuring zero leakage

Menstrual Friendly
Accommodating all bodily secretions and facilitating a continuous flow of blood clots along the passage

Single Hand Thumb Grip
Providing an easier grip and accommodating all forms of attires

Flexible Design
Allows adjustment in size of the opening to accommodate anatomy of the woman

Wiping Mechanism
Automatically wipes the perineum area post usage

Closed Design
Enclosing the entire perineum region making it splash proof and ensuring zero leakage