Sanfe Period Pain Relief Roll On (10ml) –


  • Contains 100% natural, mood improving, strain-free formula Period Pain Relief Roll On
  • It can be applied easily in the lower abdomen, lower back, inner thighs and provides instant relief during those difficult days of the month.
  • It leaves a cooling sensation and helps to improve mood swings.
  • It is safe and effective during those days.

About Roll On

Sanfe Period Pain Relief Roll On has a composition of essential oils helpful in reducing monthly period cramps and period pain in women. It has 100% Natural Oils which helps you to be active throughout the day & night without depending on pills or hot water bags.
Period Pain Relief Roll On targets the source of pain providing you relief and relaxation on those days of the month. It is extremely easy to use in just 3 steps – Open it, Roll it and Close it!
This portable Period Roll On leaves no stain on your clothes thus making its usage safe indoors as well as outdoors. Now, take on your periods like a pro because period pain is real!
Its cooling sensation and energizing aroma make its usage safe, effective & economical for women who are always on the go.