Sanfe 2 in 1 Back & Bum Lightening Scrub with Mask | Lightens & Bright

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Sanfe 2 in 1 Back & Bum Lightening Scrub with Mask | Lightens & Brightens Skin | Exfoliates & Detoxifies | 100gm| Acne healing| Cellulite & Stretch Marks Reduction

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Deep cleanse, detoxify and nourish your body with Sanfe 2 in 1 Back & Bum Lightening Scrub and Mask. The mask helps to deep cleanse, exfoliate and remove dead skin cells whilst the scrub nourishes your skin for a glowing, soft complexion. 

  • Let the lightening begin
  • Detoxify
  • Natural and Innovative Ingredients
  • Lightweight Textrure
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Smoother and Hydrated 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Definitely will buy this AGAIN!

I wasn't expecting much from the first use. But, ladies! I was mistaken. I used it on my back and bum. The skin was as soft as a baby's after the scrub. It was unbelievable! I've only used it once so far, but the effects have been incredible. I can't wait to put it to use again. It exfoliates my back and bum effectively and leaves my skin smooth and hydrated. Strongly recommended!

Amazing results!

First and foremost, the package is excellent and premium. I previously tried this product and thoroughly enjoyed it. Removes pigmentation and exfoliates effectively. I've also seen less darkening on my back and bum. This may be my fourth buy. I'm quite pleased with the quick response and the superior feel of the scrub. Overall, this is a must-have item.

Exfoliates & Moisturized

After a long search, I discovered an excellent back and bum scrub with mask that requires no application accessories at all. The product dissolves simply in water and then works wonders on your body. Following treatment, your back and bum will feel very soft and hydrated. I have oily skin, and I still feel moisturized after towel drying. I fell in love with this product and highly suggest it.

Im in love with my back & bum!

I'm writing this review after using it for a while (this is my third or fourth buy). This is a terrific product that every woman should have. First, let me talk about the packaging: They performed an excellent job. Second, the product is wonderful. The difference is virtually immediate: your back and bottom become smoother, shinier, and uneven skin disappears like magic. This will significantly improve your back and bum with daily use. I am infatuated with the product. Third, it comes in a large quantity that may last for 1-2 months (if used twice/thrice a week). Finally, it is a really simple thing to use. Voila! You have a soft and beautiful back and bum that you will enjoy. I am a major fan of this brand, Sanfe, in general, and this is by far, in my humble opinion, their best product. Outstanding work, guys!!!

Soft on skin & Hard on dead skin cells!

The exfoliating granules are soft, and when mixed with water on moist skin, they form clumps that should be massaged on your skin. It is not mild, but that is how exfoliation works. It takes some time to wash off, so keep checking yourself to see if you missed a place, particularly your back. I don't use a body wash after this because the product leaves my back and bum soft and plump. Overall, I am really pleased with this product.