Sanfe Reusable Period Pads for Women with Banana Fibers - (Pack of 2)

  • Stain-free, 100% natural, mood improving, instant action Period Pain Relief Roll On
  • True Lock Technology - With our leak-proof technology, enjoy periods without any hustle and discomfort
  • Our Sanitary pad contains Banana Fibre for High Absorbency and easy dryness
  • Sanfe Reusable pads last up to 3 to 4 years. They are hygienic, reusable, recyclable and environmentally friendly to keep you clean and dry.
  • Reusable pads can also be termed as revolutionary pads because of their significance in our lives. However, clouds of suspicion remain around the cloth pad and its usage. Putting reusable pads to its right and best usage still remains an enigma to many people. Usage is important otherwise the product is doomed to be unsuccessful. For proper usage, one has to understand the overall importance of the product. For instance, the reusable pad comes as a gift for female health. Unlike the disposable pad, reusable or cloth pads are specially designed to cater to female health and hygiene. They pose no threat to female well-being. Disposables, on the other hand, are flooded with chemicals which most women choose to ignore. Such chemicals and other pesticides can be harmful to our body in the long run. Disposable pads have all the reasons to be avoided. The switch towards reusable or cloth pas has become much significant now. Reusable pads are devoid of chemicals. This makes them an attractive option for women who are health freaks. However, huge swathes of India still remain unknown to this phenomenon. Even if people come to know about reusable pads, using them faithfully can still be an imaginative story.



    The idea behind Reusable Pads?

    Ans-  Sanfe proudly introduces its reusable sanitary pads India, which is a far better alternative than conventional disposable pads. These are reusable sanitary pads which are an outcome of long research in collaboration with IIT Delhi. After the success of the urination device and the FemCramp Relief Roll-On, Sanfe yet again wins our confidence by introducing reusable feminine products.

    What are reusable pads made of?

    Ans- The reusable period pad comprises of four layers, the topmost layer is made up of soft flannel cotton, and the inside layers comprise of the ultra-absorbent banana fibre and terry fabric. Lastly, the back of the pad is made up of breathable, air-permeable PUL leak-proof cover. There is a flap which is wrapped around the gusset enabling the pad to remain firm and stable.

    Why reusable pads stand different from conventional disposable pads available in the market?  Alternatively, What makes Reusable pads different from others?

    Ans- Sanfe Reusable Sanitary Pads bring with them the QTL technology. It is an amalgamation of four layers which is responsible for leak-proof periods and efficient absorbency. These pads are designed to be highly absorbent. It is laboratory tested and does not have any harm to health as the conventional disposable pads do. Sanfe Reusable Pads are convenient to use. They come with one holder, and two insists. The flaps can be quickly bonded to the gusset. The design is dexterous and is suitable for washing. Changing and washing the pad can be done as per the need. Though one has to be cautious of the pad and handle it with care. It shouldn’t be saturated. If it does, it may leak.

    Why reusable pads preferred over conventional disposables?

    Ans- 1. Reusable pads give the comfort you want: Reusable period pads are less irritating and ease you out during that time of the month as they are made of soft, porous fabric. This allows the air to flow and your body to breathe well. Also, because of the cotton fabric used, there is no chance of any skin allergies or rashes. On the other hand, the bleach in conventional disposable pads can stir up germs and can lead to severe allergies in the sensitive area. 2. Reduction in menstrual cramps: As many women witnessed, using cloth pads dramatically decreased menstrual pain for them. Convincingly, it is a better alternative that has given a good result. 3. Reusable sanitary pads are environment-friendly: Do you wish a stash of used conventional disposable pads to pile up in a landfill and kill the good-natured earth with its plastic? Plastic take years to decompose. However, reusable feminine pads are biodegradable and thus are better for the ecosystem in the long run. 4. Reusable period pads are economical in the long haul: The upfront cost of purchasing reusable pads might seem markedly more than the conventional disposable ones, but they stand the test of time. They are more durable and only involve one-time investment. Instead, disposable pads have to be purchased now and again. Reusable period pads can also act as a liberator for the girls belonging to the rural and urban poor strata where they can invest only once and reap the wholesome benefit. 5. Reusable feminine pads can be customized on order: There is a wide range of choices available to the female customer for reusable pads. One can choose between the styles, colours, patterns, and even length. Distinct colours suit distinct varieties of mood, especially during menstruation. Such colourful pieces of cloth cater to every modality. 6. Reusable pads empower women: Beginning a healthy lifestyle is the first step towards empowerment. Empowerment comes from within too. Reusable sanitary pads, unlike the conventional disposable ones, are a healthier alternative. They are closer to the earth and thus can be helpful to motivate girls from rural background to use it.

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