7 Tips to achieve Ideal back & bum skin

7 Tips to achieve Ideal back & bum skin

Header image source: Pexels

Just because your back skin is not visible to you does not mean that it does not require care. Only when we try wearing something backless, we realize that it needs some care to achieve flawless skin. 

Here are 7 magical tips that can be the genie for your back and bum skin. 

1. Ditch the Pigment 

Pigmentation is a very common circumstance due to various reasons. 

Sanfe's Brightening Back and Bum cream is a naturally made cream that not only has lemons but licorice and peony that helps skin to stay smooth.it has antifungal, antioxidant, skin lightening, anti-aging properties that retain the original skin.

If you want a depigmented skin there’s nothing better than Peach and Vitamin C, Sanfe Back & Bum Lightening Serum has it all. It treats dark spots, dullness, and pigmentation, it also tones and gives moisture to the skin.

2. Remove Dirt 

If you want your back to look fresh, non-oily, and dirt-free, here’s a perfect gift for you. Sanfe Lightening Back and Bum Mask, mask reducing excessive melanin production and brightens skin naturally. 

3. Adios Backne 

To get acne-free back without dryness it is a must-have Sanfe Acne Clearing Lotion, with the virtue of Shea Butter & Peach Extracts, this lotion heals the acne with the power of argan oil. Apply this lotion twice a day for the acne-free back. 

4. Restrain Cellulite 


We know you work hard to get that extra fat-reduced, but what if the work hard part gets eliminated and it’s only working smart? Sanfe anti-cellulite cream improves the look of the skin by plumping it up. It also helps smooth, tighten, and firm your skin.

5. Uplift the Peach 


If you wish to make your bums look toned and cellulite-free, Back & Bum Toning Oil With Peach & Jojoba Extracts is here! It nourishes your skin deeply. 

It also contains aloe vera which is perfect when you want to achieve supple, soft skin with lots of other benefits. 

6. Scrub till you curb


Scrubbing is very important for the back for removing dirt and impurities that get accumulated over a period of time. Sanfe’s Back & Bum Detox Scrub with Cocoa Butter that hydrates the skin nourishes it and improves elasticity. 

Back & Bum Detox Scrub (Dry) has Olive oil which makes it an ideal product, it moisturizes, nourishes the skin, and hydrates it. The exceptional part is it also nourishes the most sensitive skin too. 

7. Remove Unwanted Butt Hair


Last but not the least, butt crack hair can be extremely irritating. But, there’s a magical product that can fix this trouble. Sanfe Bum Hair Removing Razor, with With Mid Pivot Hair Technology. Removes tiniest hair easy and gives a smooth skin.