We all know how much daunting it can be to figure out what to pack for a week or a month outdoors, without much or any prior experience in the place you aim to visit.

Depending upon the place you are visiting whether it’s the breezing cold hill stations or the hot deserts of Rajasthan, your backpack items will vary drastically but there are certain items which are universal and should be taken everywhere you go! Because they will come in handy no matter where you are.

Follow these pro tips which make will you all set for your next backpack trip –

  1. Always have a toiletry bag ready which should include the essentials like:
  2. Face wash in small tubes
  3. Extra contacts
  4. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  5. Sanitizer
  6. Sunscreen and body lotion.
  7. Dry wipes
  8. Insect repellent.
  9. Having an anti-theft bag always comes in handy since it helps keep the valuables safe from thieves.
  10. A mini first aid kit should always be present with you when on vacation because you never know when you might hurt yourself.
  11. Practical items like travel lines are very useful since they double as ropes for various purposes.
  12. Personal safety alarms are a must have in case of emergency since pepper spray or mace is illegal in many regions.
  13. Packing cubes: they help to organise and compress your items of clothing.

      Depending upon your region of visit, you will need to accommodate and adapt accordingly –

      In cold climates:

      1. Wool is better as it keeps warm even when wet. Avoid cotton!
      2. Avoid white clothes because they get stained or di coloured quickly.
      3. Trekking trousers are a go-to as they are comfortable for all situations .
      4. Scarves and flexible belts are a must have as they come handy at all times

      In dry or relatively hot climate:

      1. One should go for light coloured cotton clothing as they are well ventilated and keep you
      1. Having a cap or a head cover also comes very useful in such climates.
      2. Women should always try to go for low maintenance clothings which can be used
        multiple times without much problems.
      1. Certain new brands have come up with antibacterial clothing that does not let the bad odour formation. Such clothings come especially useful while on the go since they require less cleaning
      1. As far as undies are concerned you might wanna consider atleast 6-7 fast drying pairs
        including thermal undies for cool climate. Using proper undergarments is necessary especially for women since if done carelessly they might get contract a UTI.

      Pro Tip -To avoid peeing in unhygienic places, one can use female urination devices like Sanfe which gives women travellers the freeom to stand snd pee and avoid the dirty and disgusting washrooms during outdoors.  It will help you urinate without any problems and safeguard you against infections like UTI.

      1. While considering footwear, lightweight sports shoes are universal because no matter what terrain you go they got your back. Formal shoes or even boots should always be
        avoided as they are less comfortable for walking.
      2. Another most important thing on your list that you should keep in mind is the backpack that will carry all the above-mentioned stuff because for all your trip your backpack will act as your wardrobe, your bathroom cabinet and even your dustbin and thus proper care should be taken while choosing one. It should be spacious with lots of compartments but also lightweight and rigid.

      Keeping in mind all of the essential tips, you will be set for your next trip no matter where you head to do so!
      Backpacking for Life!