Five Reasons Why One Should Use Pantyliners

Five Reasons Why One Should Use Pantyliners

The purpose of panty liners still remains a mystery not just for women but for many women as well. Have they just well-marketed products in the market without any purpose?

If not, what are they?  And what are the reasons we should wear them?

Pantyliners are a quick escape from immediate or irregular vaginal discharges. There is no need for being embarrassed about using it. A panty liner can be a very handy tool especially for the women working out or in an office. Quick vaginal discharges can be due to various personal health issues and panty liners are just the right choice that any woman, girl or elderly person can make!

 These pantyliners are made with 100% natural cotton which has awesome absorbent property and helps in preventing the dampening and wetting sensation which can be extremely discomforting!

A lot of women wear liners just in case their period pops up unexpectedly. No embarrassing moments! No big messes! No ruining your favorite jeans!

Feel fresh with the Safe panty liners -specifically designed to be worn daily-  They’re a simple way to stay feeling confident and clean. Safe panty liners are great choices for daily liners that help you feel dry, fresh and confident every day. To get to know more about it keep scrolling through the article to know more about these magical liners!

1)  For the lighter period days: Panty liners are not exactly made to be used during the menstrual cycle. Though it is made of good quality its features unable it to hold it all in! They are almost like sanitary napkins but smaller version of the napkin. They are placed in the gusset area of the woman’s panty and result in the consequence of leakage from sideways or backward. Which turns out to be very uncomfortable and socially awkward. HENCE PANTYLINERS FOR MENSTRUAL CYCLE- NOT A CHANCE!!. They provide adequate protection without making you feel uncomfortable.

2)  Absorb postpartum flow: All the “To be mommies” take notes! Pantyliners are such saviors for the new mothers. New mothers can use panty liners to manage the postpartum flow. Light postpartum flow is common for a few weeks after giving birth.

3)  To arrest light incontinence: panty liners can be actually helpful for elderly citizens as they lose consciousness as they start gaining sanity. Panty liners can actually be helpful for women who deal with the inability to control when urine passes through the urethra. Stress incontinence is actually a type of incontinence that can take place while laughing or jumping sometimes even coughing! Prefer wearing panty liners during winters. It is a season where we have this urgent and immediate urge to pass urine and little leaks can take place in. There is nothing to be embarrassed about it. Just use a Pantyliner. It can be a savior in many cases.

4)  Good intimate hygiene: It’s natural to witness or encounter a sudden and unexpected vaginal discharge at times maybe during the daytime. It can make one feel damp and uncomfortable especially during workouts. A panty liner is a way to maintain a fresh and clean feeling throughout. Also, it is advisable to change a panty liner every 3-5 hours to maintain sanity.

5)  With tampons or menstrual cup: Tampons and menstrual cups are good for protecting against leakage blood. However, there is an occasion there can be a risk of blood leaking and at those times panty liners can be saviors. The risk of leakage can be a little less terrifying if panty liner is available.

Sometimes panty liners can disrupt and irritate the skin of the vulva when worn daily. Vulva skin dryness and irritation can cause chronic itching of this delicate area of the vagina. Hence one should keep a good education of wearing panty liners every day. The precautionary measure must be adopted way before blaming any product company. Leaving a panty liner or even sanitary napkin is definitely – A BIG NO!.

If you have any other infections or probably a history of TSS or extreme UTI, consider changing the panty liners post every 6-7 hours. After all the cycle of basic hygiene should be taken on a serious note!