Introducing: Sanfe Period Pain Relief Roll On

Introducing: Sanfe Period Pain Relief Roll On

Period! Not the end of a sentence. But the monthly menstrual cycle women have to partake in. It’s often termed as a blessing but many girls might prefer to call it as a burden. The moment we hear someone say period, it seems our ears are a bit more alert and our eyes try to put a veil across as if there’s something sacred and shameful to hide. But the period is a natural function of the body that ensures the continuity of human civilisation. And its time to break the shackles and remove the social stigma attached to it.

If we don’t talk about menstrual health; women will continue to suffer the repercussions.

When we talk about the problems that are faced by women during their periods, the general opinion that comes along with heavy bleeding and skipped periods is the dreadful pain. Periods are usually accompanied with severe pain just how Mcdonald’s deal you with burger and fries! Because it all looks good in the platter, right?

Women try to get rid of menstrual cramps with the usage of hot water bags or medicines. But the majority of the female population like to avoid having painkillers due to its prevalent side effects. With hot water bags, it becomes cumbersome and women are often in fear of spill of hot water that can cause serious burns.

Sanfe Period Pain Relief Roll On is 100% natural ayurvedic proprietary medicine for women’s menstrual comfort. It targets the source of pain to provides instant relief and reduce menstrual cramps in women during periods.

Sanfe Period Pain Relief Roll On –

  1. has 100% Natural oils like Rosemary, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Wintergreen, Satva Pudina
  2. anti-inflammatory, and rejuvenating properties provide a cooling sensation
  3. convenient to use and has a stain-free formula
  4. is safe and effective for your menstrual comfort

Sanfe Roll On has been tested and trialled on 79 women assessing the benefits of the product on different age groups and period cycles, it was found out that Sanfe Roll On is effective for women who belong to the age group of 16 to 28, where women had instant relief after using Sanfe Period Pain Relief Roll On. There should be no limit to what a woman can accomplish and Sanfe clearly stands up for women health and hygiene essentials.

It’s time to Stand Up For Yourself with just 3 simple steps – Open it, Roll it and close it.

Sanfe Period Pain Relief could be applied-

  1. Before your menstrual cycle starts
  2. On the first day of your period
  3. On the second day of your period
  4. On the third day of your period

In today’s 21st century global village, no woman should have to miss out on any opportunity due to a biological wall. With Sanfe Period Pain Relief Roll On, women will continue to prosper and cherish their body with all its natural functions.