Shh! Don’t Share This Bikini Wax Insider Secret

Shh! Don’t Share This Bikini Wax Insider Secret

For ages now, waxing has been the most popular hair removal method, and for good reasons. It is widely used by most women who are looking for a clean-no-hair look. Most women still opt for waxing even now when there are multiple options to choose from when it comes to hair removal. Apart from body hair, it is also used to remove hair from eyebrows, upper lips, and bikini areas. Bikini waxing or Brazilian waxing typically consists of hair removal from the pubic areas and the rear side. Although bikini waxing is quite popular, very little is known about pre and post-waxing care. We’ll look at some of the few things you can do at home to care for your intimate skin. For best results, one needs to exfoliate a few days before and after having a wax. Please don’t exfoliate immediately after having a wax as for 48 hours on either side of your waxing or exfoliation, your skin is more sensitive.

Why is exfoliation important in the waxing process? 

Whether you wax or not, exfoliation is essential for good skin health. It should be an indispensable part of our waxing skincare routine, especially for a bikini wax. It is recommended to exfoliate at least twice a week to remove dead skin cells and promote blood circulation in the skin. Sanfe Brightening Intimate Scrub works perfectly for the sensitive skin down there. Let’s look at a couple of benefits of exfoliation when it comes to waxing down there:

Less painful: Exfoliation before waxing helps in removing dead skin on the surface and dirt that helps the wax to stick on the hair and not on the skin. Hence, it causes less pain when the hair is pulled out. 

Gives better results: There are fewer chances of the wax sticking to the skin when the skin is exfoliated. This guarantees a better result. 

Better blood circulation: It improves blood circulation within the skin and helps to break down the toxins. It also promotes the formation of new skin cells, which improves the skin’s elasticity and provides a healthy glow. 

It is crucial to keep the waxing and exfoliation process light and not be too harsh on sensitive skin. Using nourishing oil is immensely beneficial for the skin. Use Sanfe After Shave & Wax Nourishing Oil to calm the skin around your intimate areas.

Now you know the drill, so do not hesitate to take extra care of your precious intimate skin.