Should you Sit or Squat or Stand and Pee?

Should you Sit or Squat or Stand and Pee?

Homo sapiens have been squatting since forever. Our bodies were always designed to adjust ourselves in squatting position making it the topmost Toilet Rule and etiquette. Then who invented the sitting position?

We finally settled the Public Toilet Debate!!!

Definitely, that lazy butt who did not want to feel the stress on their legs. The sitting position might get you the comfort zone inside the washroom but it’s actually harmful to sit and not squat on a toilet seat.

When one sits in a squatting position, it puts pressure on the colon and then gravity does most of the work. A lot of people might consider it an age-old traditional method and not prefer it so much but then a lot of people have agreed regarding the benefits of the natural position which might put a strain in a good way to one’s body.

The sitting toilet made us quite the sitting duck and has been omnipresent. In the beginning, only royals had the service of a sitting toilet and the common folklore used to squat on the ground and fetch water. However, with the arrival of indoor plumbing, even ordinary citizens got the privilege of using a sitting toilet seat.

The western toilet system has always been regarded as the most hygienic and as a standard quality level norm, however, it is the squatting position that is beneficial and was meant to be the norm according to human biology. With squatting position, one can have these benefits as follows –

  1. Squatting pressurizes the colon as such that it eliminates the waste easily and in a faster form, hence preventing colon cancer, faecal stagnation and inflammatory bowel disease.
  2. It protects the bladder and the stomach from getting damaged.
  3. Uses the thighs to support the colon and prevent any strain.
  4. For pregnant women, squatting avoids the pressure on the bladder and also helps them to prepare for a natural delivery.
  5. Squatting also helps you to avoid haemorrhoids

With all the above-mentioned facts, some people would still want the comfort and status of a sitting toilet and not go for the squatting position, hence making it difficult in the long term. Western countries have been keeping it sanitized and well-maintained every time but we cannot say the same for the Indian toilets. Indian washroom scenario does not see it that way so much.

Both the Indian sitting style and the western style are present in the country, yet people don’t keep it clean, either they do not flush or wipe or soil the entire area with toilet paper and poop resulting in almost one out of two women ending up contracting Urinary Tract Infection. UTI makes peeing not only painful and full of burning sensation, but it causes pelvic pain and if contracted more, it can severely damage one’s kidney.

With such an alarming rate looming over every woman’s head, it was not a wonder to see two students of IIT Delhi, Archit Aggarwal and Harry Sehrawat, paving the way for the next Gen-Y. Both the students wanted to do something for this issue since women themselves have been neglecting their body and deal with the problems only when they arrive with a fire alarm.

With the western toilet taking over the ubiquitous status in India and people choosing it over the good old common Indian toilet seat, Archit & Harry, in order to help their friend who was also a victim of UTI, ended up innovating Sanfe Stand & Pee, which gives women the freedom to stand and urinate in toilets by ditching the dirty toilet seats and also prevent UTI, striking two birds with one arrow. Sanfe Stand & Pee is a female urination funnel that was designed to accommodate every shape and also the attire of the female body given Indian women wear saree the most.

Sanfe Stand & Pee was made with biodegradable material which ensures no leakage so that women can use it while travelling. Its flow area was made of proper size so that during menstruation, the blood clots can easily pass by. With the toilet drama everywhere, and seeing how public prefer to choose luxury over natural habits, even if now one goes for a sitting toilet, they can easily opt to use female pee funnels that would eventually help them to beat not just the unhygienic scenes but also bacteria’s and infections like UTI.