There are certain rules and etiquette that must be adhered at all times inside a washroom in order to improve the bathroom experience for you and everyone else around.
Toilet etiquettes vary from place to place, gender to gender, and even region to region. For Example, the Chinese use squatters without any toilet papers or the European restroom always have a charge and the Brits prefer the word lavatory over bathrooms.

These are the various universal codes of conduct for different places –


  1. Make sure you close the door before doing your business so that there are no accidents and confusion.
  2. Always leave the seat down!
  3. Tidy up after yourself. Once you’re done with your business, make sure there are no used paper lying around or water on the floor.
  4. Leave the bathroom the way you wished it was on entering.
  5. Always use the bathroom fan. Not only will it decrease the bad odour but also suck away the moisture making it a bit more comfortable for the next person.


  1. NO business while doing your business. Believe me, no one is interested in your project pitches or incredible ideas to increase turnovers/profit in the workplace bathroom.
  2. Always wash your hands before and after. Your workplace is crawling with germs everywhere from your desk to the folder to the door handles; in such a case a good rinse prior will be just as good as afterwards.
  3. Keep the odour to a minimum. No matter how much you love it your work buddies are not familiar to the smell so try keeping it to yourself as much as possible.PRO TIP – Always do your business QUIETLY!

Wipe! Use the toilet paper to rinse the seat before using it.
Flush! Remember “if it’s yellow, let it mellow; if its brown, let it drown.”

     DOs & DON’Ts for the next time you go to a loo –

  1. Don’t flush Sanitary Napkins in the toilet bowl.
  2. Do not soil toilet paper with wet hands!
  3. FLUSH the toilet after use!
  4. USE bins to discard waste!
  5. Don’t use mobile inside the cubicle.
  6. Do not spill water on the floor
  7. Do not squat on the toilet seat
  8. Wipe toilet seat after use.
  9. Please keep poop grunts and other noises to a reasonable volume.
  10. Do not make eye contact while using urinals

Remember our aim is to keep the washroom clean for everyone’s use so

    SIT but keep it neat,

    WIPE and we don’t require proof,

    FLUSH because this is not show & tell,

    WASH for what happens in here stays in here!