5 Best Way to Get Rid of Your Menstrual Cramps

5 Best Way to Get Rid of Your Menstrual Cramps

Why does it happen to US!

Period cramps or menstrual cramps are often described as a constant ache in the abdominal part or lower back. They are completely natural and normal, the intensity of the pain varies from person to person, in some women it can be a mild pain or some won’t even experience them at all but most of the women does go through high-intensity painful cramps that effect their normal day to day activities, but it doesn’t mean we should accept the fact and let ourselves suffer in silence!

Get rid of it NOW!

Just adapt these amazing and effective period pain relief remedies into your lives that can reduce period pain and its symptoms naturally. Read On!

1) Stay Hydrated – Water intake helps our body cells to function better, as during the period it does help to prevent our body from getting dehydrated.

Drinking water won’t restraint your period pain directly but it does help in keeping away from bloating, which make cramps feel more worse. So keep your water bottle handy and do avoid the intake of alcohol or caffeine as it can drag your water level down.

2) Diet it out! –

Eat whatever you crave for, we all need the energy to endure the pain. Just do not starve yourself, have some fresh fruits or dry fruits in small intervals even if you do not feel like eating. We all crave for surgery, fatty or salty food, but let’s be honest we know that these foods are our friends though it is good to cheat a lil! Try to eat anti-inflammatory foods like bell peppers, blueberries, and cherries. Omega 3 fatty acid food is also a healthy choice. More intake of calcium-rich beans like almonds and green leafy veggies are the right kind of food which may ease period pain.

3) Take the Drill –

You might hate doing workout especially the times when you can barely move or when you are dying in pain! But trust us, excreting increases the blood circulation and release a very important hormone called endorphins which counteract the uterine muscles that contract during menstruation it acts as our body’s natural pain medicine. So just grab your pair of shoes and hit the road, treadmill or do yoga at home.

4) Lets heat it up! –

Just apply the heat via hot water bottle on your abdominal area or lower back or take a hot bath will ease your muscle, calms the mind and relieve your period cramps. Taking a bath in the evening is advised by the doctors and surely is a great activity to help you wind down and sleep better.

5) Its snooze time-

Do you feel more tired during your period? Or by the period pain? Then you just need to crawl in bed and sleep for period cramp relief, try meditation or reading a book while enjoying a cup of tea or can even listen to soothing music while lying down. Calm your mind and nurture overall health by getting adequate sleep. Do ditch your smartphone or any screen for that matter before bedtime to help you snooze smart.