One of the most discussed topics and on the same topic and subject which should be talked about and discussed freely is that of menstruation and what kind of pads should be used to that particular day of the month. Let us accept it, way back the females in our households used cloth pads only. There was not much of commercialization back then, and women were happy with the simple cotton cloth pads they used. Also, problems like rashes on the skin, menstrual cramps, infections were relatively less back then.


1)  It has dioxin – a byproduct of chlorine bleaching processes – a known carcinogen. It also affects the immunity system and is regarded as one of the major causes of the inflammatory system, and is regarded as one major cause of pelvic inflammatory diseases.

2)  The odor neutralizers and other artificial fragrances, used in these products are the chemical soup of adhesives, polyethylene, (PET), polypropylene glycol, as well as polypropylene. In short of all contaminants which are linked to vaginal dryness, birth defects, hormone disruption, and infertility.

3)  Pesticides residues and adhesive chemicals are also found in these products. As a result, it affects the sensitive skin down there and causes itchiness, dryness. And when it becomes extremely moisturized underpad down there consider removing it as it may cause the bacteria to grow which can lead to several infections one of them such as yeast infection. The moisture helps in the growth of fungi which may result in several fungal infections and serious inflammatory diseases. And these bacteria and fungal species not only accumulate on the surface of the vagina but they can enter inside external space and accumulate under the vagina, it can enter inside and if not taken medication as soon as possible it can also cause cervical problems and birth defects. Hence it is very important to avoid wearing pads for longer durations especially the synthetic pads.

Consider using pads crafted out of cotton as they may help in reducing the chances of fungal and bacterial infections.

As many of us know this brings us to the topic of reusable cotton pads. Many women today have a lot of apprehensions about reusable cotton pads. Made from natural cotton pads. Made from the natural cotton, These cotton pads have changed the way women experience their menstruation cycle. Here are the few and major benefits of cotton pads:


The first positive change which you will experience when you switch to reusable cotton pads is that you no longer suffer from allergies, thrush or rashes on your skin. Unlike synthetic pads which promote the growth of bacteria, germs and fungal infection due to humid climates. These pads discourage such developments on the skins they are softer than disposable menstrual pads and products, and thereby do not lead to skin irritation and other complications.

2)  Reusable cotton pads are cost-efficient:

Though the initial upfront cost may be more than the synthetic pads available in the market, as they are long-run cotton pads are cost-effective. As they are reusable. It is a one-time investment. Normally a pad lasts for several washes. Thus when you choose reusable pads, you not only choose reusable pads, you not only choose good health but also a smart way of saving your money.

3)  Survey shows that cloth pads are linked to shorter periods and reduced pms|:

Often those who use disposable menstrual products complain of many days of bleeding and bad (PMS). But a recent survey shows that women who have switched to reusable cotton pads. Reusable cotton pads experience shorter periods and also PMS has reduced drastically, Perhaps this is your body’s way of responding when it is not treated with carcinogenic chemicals.

4)  Reduced risk of TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME(TSS):

Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is a fatal disease that was initially identified in 1980 and is linked to the use of super-absorbent sanitary pads and tampons. It especially affects young girls as their immunity is not that strong in the initial years of menstruation. As reusable cotton pads do not have any chemical;  load, you can stay assured that you are away from toxic shock syndrome.

5)  Cloth pads are more comfortable, leak-proof and also easier to clean:

There are many females who are not comfortable with pads. There are many females who are not comfortable with the plastic lining of the pads. Yet they use it because they don’t have any other option. These pads have a press button fastening on its wings, which keep them in place and avoid leakage. Also, they are available in all sizes, Thus you can choose a pad depending on its flow.


Apart from being great for your health, reusable cotton pads also help in bringing down the amount of biodegradable waste, thereby reducing pollution and toxicity in the environment.

This is the time you switch to a healthier and eco-friendly way of dealing with your menstrual cycle.