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Are Feminine Wipes Good For You?

Are Feminine Wipes Good For You?

In some circles, feminine hygiene is talked about. However, these are only elite gatherings. Nevertheless, the concern for female health has flourished. This awareness has led to an uptick in the number of feminine care products. One of them is female cleansing or hygiene wipes. They were invented by being mindful of the female health conditions. Simply put, feminine wipes are cleansing cloth. They can be used during menstruation or for everyday use to clean the vagina. Gazing at the novelty of the product, many women are hesitant to try the wipes out. Where on one hand, facial wipes have become a beauty essential, female cleansing wipes can be tricky to use.

So the question comes-are they safe? Can we use them easily? Below are given the 20 tips which will answer your queries about the feminine wipes.

  1. To use or not to use? It all depends on you, believes Dr. Alyssa Dweck, a practicing gynecologist in New York. Some women use a slew of products for vaginal health and are not infected at all. However, some women are super sensitive down there and might suffer from itching, irritation and burning sensation.
  2. Only unscented female hygiene wipes should be used. Anything with artificial fragrance to be used in the vagina has to be shunned. The fragrance is often unbearable around menopause. The best is to avoid falsely fragrant wipes.
  3. Intimate hygiene wipes should not have a drop of glycerin. Doctors report that glycerin can increase the chance of yeast infection in the sensitive area.
  4. Alcohol-free wipes are a blessing. The ones with alcohol can cause vaginal or vulvar dryness and can alter the natural pH of the vagina.
  5. Paraben is controversial. It is a chemical that is responsible for hormone disruption. Using it in such a sensitive area such as the vagina is not appropriate.
  6. Essential oils may seem an attractive option in feminine sanitary wipes. However, they can be irritating to the skin if not diluted.
  7. You need to make the right choice with the right kind of wipes. Some lady wipes are specially formulated with the correct pH. These can limit pH disruptions in the vagina.
  8. The pro tip of choosing the right feminine cleansing wipe is to go for that one which has the least ingredients. Indeed, less is more.
  9. Do not flush the ordinary feminine wipes as they have the potential to clog toilets. There is altogether a different category of flushable female hygiene wipes that can be used for the purpose.
  10. Once when you get habitual, feminine wipes can be quintessential for you. For instance, while traveling, when you do not have a bathing facility, you can wipe the vulva and the anal area with hygiene wipes. This will help you to feel a lot fresh.
  11. None of the intimate hygiene products should go inside the vagina, including the wipes. The vagina is an internal organ and should not be exposed to any product.
  12. Both men and women have odor-producing apocrine glands around the groin area, similar to ones in your armpit. Sweat can exude a repulsive smell. In such cases of hot summer days, feminine wipes can be put to handle sweat and reduce body odor.
  13. Women have glands around their vagina which secrete mucus to lubricate the vagina. Though it is not a major thing to fret about but can cause slight hassles to some. The discharge can be effortlessly cleaned using feminine hygiene wipes.
  14. Such feminine wipes can also be used as vaginal wipes. Most women need feminine wipes during their menses. Though pads or tampons will collect most of the blood, some of it will still be left behind around the vulva. If the blood remains, that can invite hostile bacteria.