Not many of us know about pee funnels and pee cups are. Simply put, they are easy to use devices, which look like a funnel or a cup without a base, which allow women to stand and pee. There are a lot of brands available when it comes to pee devices. However, not all of them are easy to use or gentle on the human body and women’s private parts where the skin is soft and gentle. That said, there are brands like Sanfe, for instance, which allow women to use ergonomic, cost effective and simple pee devices.

Pee devices are useful in a lot of situations for women. They are good when it comes to women using toilets in public. They are also good when women are pregnant and it’s difficult for them to repeatedly sit up and down. Similarly, older women who have issues with their joints find them particularly useful.

So, in this article, let’s briefly look at the benefits of Pee Funnels and Pee Cups in this article:

  1. Freedom and comfort to use toilets specially when in public

These devices allow women more freedom when it comes to using public toilets. Rather than hunt for a clean toilet, or request someone from the housekeeping to clean the toilet seats, women find it easier, if they have access to a device that lets them stand and urinate.

This also means that they don’t have to hover, or hold back their bladder, or keep hunting for a cleaner public toilet. This allows them more comfort specially if their body doesn’t allow them to sit and rise multiple times.

  1. Prevention from UTIs

UTIs or Urinary Tract Infections are very common in women and a lot of women suffer from it. Often, the most common causes of UTIs are infections that are contracted from dirty toilet seats; most of which are again found commonly in public toilets.

When women use a pee cup or a pee funnel they don’t have to sit and urinate. They can actually stand and do it. This ensures that they don’t have to come into direct contact with dirty toilet seats. Hence the chances of contracting UTIs and diseases is fairly less and thus, they are saved.

  1. Dignity

Honestly, it feels shameful and embarrassing as to how we cannot even provide clean and hygienic toilets for half our population. On one hand we talk about ending open defecation. On the other, we don’t even have clean toilets and dignified options for our women to urinate. Pee funnels, specially the biodegradable variety allows women that dignity without causing an overload of waste on the environment.

There are quite a few products available in the market. You may want to check some of them and see which of them works for us. However, experts suggest that one should pick not just a pocket-friendly, but also ergonomic and user-friendly, environment-responsible devices like Sanfe.

Equipped with this information, we hope you will find solutions to some of India’s dirty toilet problems.