Best Reusable Pads Available In Market

Best Reusable Pads Available In Market

The process of menstruation can be irksome. On top of that, using uncomforting disposable pads during periods is a big no. All through this, reusable period pads come to our rescue. But the question remains – which one to use? With a plethora of brands, reusable feminine products have been commercialized. With such variety, it often becomes difficult for the customer to choose. Also, we cannot trust any brand or company easily, especially in matters of reproductive health. So the question is – which company should we choose for reusable sanitary pads? Not only the brand, but there are also distinct varieties of reusable menstrual products like the all in one, pocket, base and insert, foldable, boostable, belted pads, and interlabial pads. Women can choose any reusable feminine pads which serve their convenience. However, in my understanding, basic all in one cloth reusable menstrual pads are deemed to be the best.

But what are the problems women face while using reusable feminine pads which makes them repulsive altogether?

Convenience is the king. Most women are still hesitant to use reusable sanitary pads because of the extreme care and maintenance they demand. Consistent washing of a stash of pads after every use makes them wary of using such reusable period pads. In an already busy lifestyle, washing reusable pads brings a lot on one’s plate. Even if one washes, it comes with a caution. Heat and chemicals can damage the fabric involved. Also, washed pads might take some time to dry. Sometimes, there is only a thin layer of fabric on the wings. This can lead to leakage. If the cloth pad is wet, it can irritate the skin.

An answer to all these problems is provided by SANFE REUSABLE SANITARY NAPKINS. Sanfe proudly introduces its reusable sanitary pads India which is a far better alternative than disposable pads. These are reusable sanitary pads which are an outcome of long research in collaboration with IIT Delhi. After the success of the urination device and the FemCramp Relief Roll-On, Sanfe yet again wins our confidence by introducing reusable feminine products.

Sanfe has been mindful of female health and hygiene and has gone down the righteous path creating reusable sanitary pads for women. Therefore, Sanfe is one of the most trusted brands in the market. The reusable period pad comprises of four layers. The topmost layer is made up of soft flannel cotton. The inside layers comprise of the ultra-absorbent banana fiber and terry fabric. Lastly, the back of the pad is made up of breathable, air-permeable PUL leak-proof cover. There is a flap that throws them around the gusset to remain firm and stoic. The product does not encompass nylon or a waterproof backing as that can hold in moisture which can give rise to odor and bacteria. Also, Sanfe Reusable Sanitary Pads bring with them the QTL technology. It is an amalgamation of four layers which is responsible for leak-proof periods and efficient absorbency. These pads are designed to be highly absorbent. It is laboratory tested and does not have any harm to health as the disposable pads do.

Sanfe Reusable Pads are convenient to use. They come with one holder and two insists. The flaps can be easily bonded to the gusset. The design is dexterous and is suitable for washing. Changing and washing the pad can be done as per the need. Though one has to be cautious of the pad and handle it with care. It shouldn’t be saturated. If it does, it may leak.

But one shouldn’t fret about leakage. Sanfe reusable sanitary pads will absorb the same amount or even more than the disposable pads. They are healthier than the disposable pad, not only for the human body but also for the environment. Reusable feminine pads will not lead to waste being collected in the landfills. Reusable menstrual pads provide huge comfort to the user not only in the sense of health but also in monetary terms. By putting reusable period pads to use, one can save money in the longer run. Apart from all this is the factor that we decide what we want to wear. Whatever we wear will aid in our reproductive health. Sanfe with its reusable sanitary pads has helped us to yet again to stand up for ourselves.