Complete guide to intimate wash!

Complete guide to intimate wash!

Why is intimate care important? 

Women love to do body care. We notice every small change on our body from a small boil to a single strand of hair to bad breath and then immediately try to do something about it. But often, when we notice something wrong in our intimate area like rash, itching, funny odour or irritation, we just tend to ignore it, hoping the issue will resolve on its own. But that is NOT healthy because ignoring it won’t solve the problem, leading to hygiene problems down there. Many people might counter this by saying that they do take care of their intimate area because they wash it with body wash or soap while taking a bath. But what they don’t realise is that the pH levels vary in different parts of our body. 

What is the pH level of an intimate area? - The pH levels of your intimate areas should be in the range of 3.8 - 4.5, which is lower than most parts of your body. A normal body wash has a pH level of more than 4.5, which disrupts the pH levels of intimate areas. pH changes down there causes rashes, irritation, hyperpigmentation and itching. It can also cause infections since the pH becomes more suitable for unhealthy bacteria and fungi to grow.

What does intimate wash do and why should one use it?

It’s a specifically designed solution for the intimate area. It cleans the intimate area, preventing growth of fungal and bacterial infections, rashes and irritation while keeping the pH level in the healthy range for down there. It also supports the growth of good bacteria called Lactobacillus, which is important for a healthy and fresh vulva.

How to use intimate wash step by step?

  1. Wet the intimate area after washing your hands properly for 20 seconds
  2. Pour a small amount of intimate wash onto your hand and lather up.
  3. Apply to the vulva and dermal pubic skin and then rinse it thoroughly.

Use it once or twice daily!

Why choose Sanfe’s intimate wash?  

  • 0% fragrance - This intimate wash does not have any artificial fragrance. It is not meant to make your intimate part smell like vanilla or cookies. Instead, it cleanses the intimate area thoroughly to prevent rashes, irritation and fungal or bacterial growth. By doing so, the intimate area would be kept healthy, which would naturally avoid your intimate area from having a funny or foul odour. 
  • Balances pH - Balances the pH of the intimate area to keep it healthy and fresh. Doesn’t interfere with any chemical or biological processes. 
  • Sulphate and paraben free - Is extremely gentle on the skin and cleanses the intimate area without causing any harm to the skin.