Difference Between Panty Liners And Sanitary Napkins

Difference Between Panty Liners And Sanitary Napkins

Before we get to the topic of why we need panty liners, let us understand what they are.

A panty liner is an absorbent piece of material used for feminine hygiene. It is worn in a gusset of woman’s panties. Some uses include absorbency for daily vaginal discharge, light menstrual cup backup, spotting irregular discharges at the end of the menstrual cycle. TRULY AN ESCAPE RIGHT!!

A panty liner can also help with girls who are having discharges and about to start their cycle. It resembles more like a sanitary napkin the only difference it holds is,  it is a smaller version of sanitary regular pads, that is it has a little lesser capacity to absorb than the actual sanitary pad.

They are generally unsuitable for the menstruation medium to take in the heavy flow, which requires them to be changed more often.


Use panty liners when you sense your menstrual cycle to start. This will help you in arresting the initial blood flow and safeguards you from the stains and damping of the cloth. While at some times since panty liners are smaller in dimension than a regular sanitary napkin it might help you in managing it easily. And also it will be more comfortable but BEWARE OF THE OVERFLOW. Pantyliners are definitely not a good idea when it comes to heavy menstrual flow!

Use panty liners a few days after your period. When your menstrual cycle comes to an end. Vaginal discharges can be very common during ovulation. Wearing panty liners once your period is done can help you prevent this.

To be on the safe side keep few in your handbag – This can be extremely handy when one is going into or through puberty and experiencing changes such as chest width, mood swings, etc. Also, periods can be irregular at this point of time. And hence, panty liners can help.

Panty liners can be even fixed and tucked right into your wallet and can be a huge lifesaver in unexpected circumstances.

Both panty liners and sanitary pads are used to absorb menstrual flow to keep your clothes and garments and very important let me highlight YOUR FAVORITE JEANS, free from becoming wet or making a big stain on the jeans or any dress. Sometimes things go out control hormones stay active and suddenly there is this huge leak! TRUST ME it’s the worst that can happen to any woman!

Pantyliners are smaller and thinner and typically used in the beginning and end of the women’s menstrual cycle. Pads come in different shapes and size especially in thicknesses and are usually used during heavy period days.

Wearing a panty liner or pad can be decided on personal preferences. Young women who are fans of panty liners say they are fans of the panty liners, they say they wear for different reasons  such as ” to feel fresh and clean”, and meanwhile girls who don’t wear the panty liners often say, “they irritate and itch their vulva” and/or “they are very expensive to wear every day”.

Some girls choose to wear panty liners just on their “light menstrual days”, and some don’t use panty liners at all!

If you are using panty liners for the first time because you have vaginal discharge, that’s a good choice. But if your panty liner has an odor or is someway uncomfortable, if you experience any kind of itching or redness on the sensitive skin down there, then make sure you change your panty liners post every 6-7 hours.

If you experience any escalation in the infections or experiencing a UTI regularly then contact your health care provider. Try changing to the brand made of 100% natural/organic cotton and most preferably odorless.

Sanfe 100% natural cotton panty liners are something to definitely put your hands on. It has the air breathable structure which can let air pass through it and give you 8 hours of freshness and absolute comfort. It’s designed in such a way that it sticks under your panties and is on the right spot.

Its flexibility helps in preventing any leakage from both sideways or even backward.

Try Sanfe panty liners for having an amazing experience of blocking away social discomfort, and liberate any kind of incontinence stress. Sanfe always encourages women to stay confident and stay happy!