Period pain is one of the severe problems which forces 40% of women to miss their daily routine. Though menstrual cramps don’t cause any other medical complications, they can interfere with school, work and social activities. The discomfort caused by period pain in the life of women should not restrict them from reaching the heights. Period pain is a natural problem and hence it’s solution must be natural too.

Sanfe FemCramp Relief Roll On is an essential oil blend to relieve you from period pain. It has been developed by a team of IIT Delhi which provides continuous and instant relief during those difficult days.

The use of allopathic medicines for period pains can be harmful in the long run especially to the adolescent girls. Sanfe Roll On is an innovative 100 percent herbal stain-free roll on that provides continuous relief from menstrual cramps during periods with the goodness of Ayurveda. Enriched with the healing benefits of menthol and eucalyptus oil it helps with the knotted uterus and relieves the pain. The coolness of menthol alleviates the pain and the calmness of eucalyptus essence acts as an analgesic agent and helps to elevate your mood instantly. Rosemary and lavender help improve blood flow and relieve premenstrual tension, while wintergreen oil generates a deep sensation to help calm menstrual cramp pain. This stain-free formula works best when applied at the onset of pain.

Sanfe Roll On comes with a roll-on applicator which allows a smooth application over the pain affected areas like lower abdomen, back, and thighs. Trusted by doctors as a cure for cramps, it is advised to be used every day during those difficult days. The natural ingredients make it safe to use.

Sanfe FemCramp Relief Roll On is enriched with the healing benefits of Menthol and anti-inflammatory effect of Eucalyptus oil to help relieve the pain. Soothing fragrance mixed with natural ingredients absorbs easily and ensures hormonal balance.

It is an effective solution for period pain relief and is a natural alternative for hot water bags and painkillers. Sanfe FemCramp Relief Roll On is available on all e-commerce platforms and