Health, Inside Out

Health, Inside Out

“Quarantine” and “social distancing” surely have been the fashion words for the first month of the COVID-19 outbreak, but what about the extended lockdown?

How has it been treating us all, moreover the women!

There are many, who are eloquently sharing their saree clad pictures on social media but are they at peace mentally while being at home over such a long period of time.

There are undoubtedly happy and healthy women. But we are definitely not worried about them, rather happy to have them around. On the other hand, for the ones who are going through steaming stress levels of balancing office work and household chores, putting in extra hours of prying after their kids’ welfare, going through the tests of time - we have a few easy ways to bring back your own heaven on Earth.

Find Your Soul in Something

Love to bring those little things to life? Then make it a point to cater to them every single day, twice. Take your time. Nurturing them, talking to them, sharing a piece of your mind, connecting your soul with them. Gardening or planting saplings not only calms down your mind but it is also a way of giving back to nature, and as they say, “what goes around comes around.”

You can find solace in some other activity as well. May be redecorating your house, or just your room and your things. Might as well find some peace in trying out a hand in Origami!

Find Your Corner

Around the whole house, there will be a corner that will readily accept you like its own! Find that corner and have your tea or coffee, or even a healthy glass juice/smoothie. This not just gives you time to sort your day out mentally but makes you ponder over the deepest thoughts and come out of the torments victorious. From introspection, to mentally scheduling all your tasks of the day - you will have miraculously done it all!


It is no secret that meditation helps you control your mind and master the reactions of yours. But it is quite difficult to maintain a routine of meditating every single day. The best practise is to meditate every morning, right in the beginning so that you have a positive and sorted start to your day. Meditation at night, right before you go off to bed also helps in giving you a peaceful sleep.


Yes, Yoga works wonders on the body but it doesn’t leave the mind untouched. The benefits do take a little longer to reciprocate but a diligent effort never goes to waste.


Dance. Is not just a form of art, but therapy! Put your favorite music on top volume once in a while, let your hair down, and just dance like nobody’s watching. Be it with your kid, or your partner, or even all by yourself. Dancing relieves you off your stress levels because it secretes Dopamine - the reward hormone. So, don’t forget to reward yourself this Quarantine.

Most important of all - never stop believing in yourself and in the good because we are headed towards better days for sure. The COVID-19 is just temporary and if we take care of each other and ourselves, we all will witness a brighter future.