Helping a Friend When Periods Have Knocked Her Down

Helping a Friend When Periods Have Knocked Her Down

So the party was planned way in advance, but your friend cancelled just as you were heading out for the party. As her good friend, you can see straight through her phoney excuse – something is wrong, and she wants to suffer in silence. 

“Well, she can’t dethrone me with an excuse!” – You change your drop location to her house’s and rush to save your BFF crown. She hugs you and breaks into tears about how the red lady paid a visit earlier than scheduled. If you’re a woman reading this, you already know how to manage this period crisis. As a guy, however, you’re clueless, and your friend is not in the right state to help you here. So, here are a few things you can do:

Step 1: Turn on the “Therapy mode”

Periods or not, your friend is human with many feelings. The catch is that you were unaware of a few of them until today. So, don’t give examples of how this could be worse or how she is not acting like the tough woman she is every day. Understand that her mood swings are driving her crazy too, and she could use a non-judgemental ear and a supportive touch.

If her hormones are making her throw tantrums, be the voice of reason. But first, listen.

Step 2: Check on the essentials

Does she have sufficient sanitary pads, tampons, or a cup, if she uses one? If not, then get her one from the supermarket. Don’t be a baby here. This is your chance to be the friend everyone looks up to. Finding you in the period products’ aisle will only get you smiles and respect of strangers.

On your way to the payment counter, also grab some unhealthy snacks. Yes, you read that right. Unhealthy snacks make a great PMS-proof feast. If you’re unsure, call her up and get a list of her favourites.

Step 3: Knock down those cramps

Period cramps are pure evil. To fight them, you’re going to need a heating pad, Sanfe Feminine Cramp Relief Roll-on and peppermint tea. The heating pad will relax her muscles, tea her nerves and Sanfe Roll-on will work on both. Chocolates are also a huge help but avoid caffeine.

Step 4: Try the cliché 

It was supposed to be the day she was going out to party, but now she’s homebound feeling bleh. On top of that, she’s feeling bloated, has a breakout on her face, and is not her confident self. There are two things you can do: If she’s feeling better after the first three steps, you can take her out for a low impact, but fun activity. If that doesn’t seem possible, you can play her self-esteem coach. Offer to her makeup, dress her up, whip up an easy cocktail or just pamper her with face masks. Yes, that’s a cliché, but don’t activities become clichés for a reason?

Over to you

The word ‘Periods’ invokes annoyance and repulsion in most women. For 5 to 7 days every month, they feel like God’s most hated child. So, the last thing they need is an unhelpful friend who believes PMS is just a state of mind and offers awful advice like, “It’s always mind over matter!”

Don’t be that friend. Be the supportive shoulder they need. Build her up. Help them cry into a giant basket of chocolates, if that’s what would make them feel better.