How Do Women Use A Tampon

How Do Women Use A Tampon

Tampons are little plugs made of cotton that fit inside your vagina and soak up menstrual blood. Some tampons come with an applicator that helps you put in the tampon. Menstrual Tampons have a string attached to the end, so you can easily pull them out. Tampon’s structure is like that of a cup. Tampons can’t get stuck, get lost inside you or move to another part of your body. The muscles in your vagina hold them in place and they stay inside your body until you take them out. Most people can’t feel tampons at all if and when they’re placed in the right spot. You can wear tampons in the water and during all kinds of sports and activities.\

Tampons, pads and menstrual cups. What is right for you?

There is a difference amongst pads, tampons and menstrual cups. Despite the fact, they are used for the same purpose. Pads, tampons, and cups let you go about your normal life during your period without getting blood on your clothes or sheets. Tampons and cups go inside your vagina and pads are worn stuck to your underwear. It is observed that pads are considered more convenient than cups and tampons. Since it provides more comfort and is easy to use than the two.

How to use tampons?

Tampons come in different sizes, light, regular and super. It’s best to use the lowest or lightest absorbency that lasts you a few hours. Some tampons come with small sticks made of cardboard or plastic that help you put the tampon in your vagina. Some tampons come without these small sticks, so you have to put them in with your finger.

How is a tampon inserted inside the vagina?

  1. Get in a comfortable position.
  2. Put the tampon into your vagina using the small stick or finger.
  3. Make sure that your hands are clean.
  4. Inserting a tampon in your vagina for the first time is not easy or comfortable. If you’re having trouble, ask someone who knows enough about tampons to help you out.
  5. After that, throw the wrapper in the trash, don’t flush.
  6. Change your tampon every 7-8 hours. Don’t leave your tampon in for more than 8 hours.


Menstrual Tampons are feminine hygiene product design to absorb the menstrual flow by absorbing blood from the vagina during menstruation. The majority of tampons sold are made of cotton and rayon. Though tampons made of organic cotton are considered the best for both human body and the environment. Several countries regulate tampons as a medical device. They are considered better than conventional disposable plastic pads.