Do you know what every Indian girl’s dreaded nightmare is? Having to pee outside their homes!! And why not? After all, in all our lives we have never even been to a single clean or usable, for that matter, public washroom because let us be honest, even though Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is all about building public toilets everywhere in India; it doesn’t really put much thought regarding its welfare. leaving behind a public washroom which is as dirty as garbage van and smells like one too. Not to mention the toilet bowls which have never seen a drop of toilet cleaner or a glance of a toilet brush in their whole life.

In such a situation the dreaded fear of using a public toilet is not unreasonable from a woman’s perspective. Guys, on the other hand, do not have to be so fearful because mother nature has equipped them with a much more convenient method to relieve themselves without getting in bodily contact with anything in a urinal.

Perhaps the best part about living in the 21st century is all the new innovation that is designed to make one’s life better. Well, fortunately, ladies your time has come to overcome this fear of public washroom thanks to the hard work and dedication of an expert team of IITians who have designed pee funnels for women, Sanfe.

Sanfe is worlds most affordable and nation’s first biodegradable & menstrual friendly female urination device. Yes, you heard it right, Sanfe gives women the freedom to stand and pee like men,  so no more of withholding your urge to pee, wiping toilet seats or trying to squat or hover over them in a public toilet.

Sanfe helps women avoid dirty toilet seats (Indian & Western forms) by providing assistance to stand and pee allowing women to stay Infection free. As if this was not enough, it also is much more convenient and time-saving while on the go compared to our traditional method of urination because when the need arises you can tear open the pack; fold it into the original product in less than 15 sec and you’re ready to go. With self- adjustable design, Sanfe is gentle on the skin and leakage proof ensuring there are no spills or splashes. Sanfe can be used by every woman, especially suitable for working women, school & college girls, travellers, pregnant women and women with joint and knee pain problem. It’s a bonus if you wear those traditional gorgeous Indian Sarees because Sanfe can be used single-handedly with a thumb grip.

We know what you must be wondering next! How much for a pee funnel? Because those things are not only new to the society but also expensive. But Sanfe isn’t! Sanfe costs only ?10 so that women from all walks of life can buy their hygiene kit.

Sanfe aims to empower women of all social strata, safeguarding them from not just dirty unhygienic toilets but also Urinary Tract Infections which is currently prevailing in 50% of Indian women.