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The menstrual cup has risen as a revolution in our lives. It offers us the convenience which no other reusablesanitary product can offer. But users are often in enigma about which menstrual period cup to purchase.Many companies have launched varieties of menstrual cups. They range in color, size, firmness, and shape.Broadly speaking, they are divided into three sizes-small, medium, and large. So which one to go for?

  1. Depends on the flow: you need to look for a menstrual period cup which suits your body and needs. Thismeans that if you have a heavy flow, you can always choose the large-sized cup with a larger capacity. Also ifyou have a light flow, you can choose the cup of a small size.
  2. The factor of age and giving births: when it comes to menstrual cups and choosing the right cup size,companies have given their own guidelines. They recommend a small cup to people under the age of 30 whohave never delivered vaginally or by cesarean action. Companies have also recommended a large cup topeople who have already delivered either vaginally or by cesarean action. But these are just the guidelinesand build no watertight boundary. In any case, if a woman feels comfortable using a small menstrual cup,whether she is below or above 30, she should feel free to do so.In the end, it is comfort which the body needs. Longer, larger cups can be unpleasant for women who have alow cervix. Anyhow, if you have a low cervix, you won’t feel comfortable while wearing a larger menstrualcup.
  3.  Softness or firmness of a cup: most people have reported that firmer cups suited them instead of thesofter ones. When they used a softer cup, there were possibilities of leakage. However, this was not the casewith the firm menstrual cups.
  4.  Bladder sensitivities due to menstrual cup: mostly women are unaware of the bladder sensitivities or theissues they will face after the usage of the cup. For example, while using the menstrual cup, if you feel theurge to urinate more often or even when you feel that you are not able to empty your bladder completelyyour bladder may be sensitive to the use of the cup. One can also start to feel pain or cramps with presenceof the cup.In all such situations, one can shift to softer menstrual cups which will create less pressure on the sensitiveareas. Usually, companies don’t write on the packaging whether a cup is soft or not. The easy and onlysolution is to read the reviews online and do some research on the product. This will surely lead to asuccessful and happy purchase.The shift from pads or tampons to the menstrual cup, especially in India can have pioneering results. Thoughit will take some time, the outcome can be groundbreaking.

Below are listed some of the benefits ladies canreap if they switch to reusable menstrual cup:

  1. Reusable: menstrual cups are not like disposable pads or tampons. When full, one can easily empty thecup, rinse and reinsert it. Your period will now never demand a stash of pads. With proper care, menstrualcups can last you even a decade!
  2.  Environment-friendly: unlike disposable products, a menstrual cup will always listen to the environment.Disposable menstrual products fill up the landfill after they are disposed of. The plastic in them practicallylives forever. Menstrual Period cup on the other side is reusable and thus amicable to the surrounding. Nowaste is generated.
  3.  Convenience: disposable pads or tampons can never bring the comfort and convenience a menstrual cupoffers. Disposable pads for instance block airflow to the vaginal area, thus trapping moisture. This can initiatean irritating rash. Once a menstrual cup fits, it will beat the strings and wings of a disposable.
  4.  Long-lasting protection: a menstrual cup can be worn up to 12 hours. It also depends on your flow. In theinitial days, you might want to empty the cup in every 4 to 6 hours. It is also long-lasting in monetary terms. Asingle menstrual cup can last a decade. This also aids in saving loads of money in the long run5. You decide, you rule: your decision to make a shift from disposable menstrual products to a period cup isone of the best decisions. You are in charge of your health and hygiene. You can now travel, lounge, party, or even go swimming. It is all up to you. Menstrual Period cup in a very special way helps you to stand up foryourself