IIT Delhi Incubated Startup Sanfe Period Pain Relief Roll On Launch

IIT Delhi Incubated Startup Sanfe Period Pain Relief Roll On Launch

What is Sanfe Period Relief Pain Roll On?

Sanfe Period Pain Relief Roll On is a natural and ayurvedic product developed by IIT Delhi incubated startup working on women health care to relieve women from period pain and improve their mood swings during menstruation. Roll On was launched on 8th March 2019, on International Women’s Day at IIT Delhi.

Product has been developed by IIT Delhi students working for women empowerment Archit Agarwal(20) and Harry Sehrawat (19). Roll On is a blend of natural essential oils which works on the principal of aromatherapy and helps in relieving period pain and improving mood swings.

Is there any issue with Period Pain Relief Roll On?

No, there is no issue with the effectiveness of the product. It has been approved by Directorate of Ayush for manufacturing but a claim by our team regarding the FDA Approval was a false claim since Ayurvedic products are not evaluated by FDA, but are governed by Ministry of Ayush instead.

The claim of FDA approval was carried in our press release dated 8th March 2019, was an unintentional and factual mistake and a corrigendum has been published in the Hindu newspaper dated 28th March 2019, taking the full responsibility of our mistake. It has to be noted that the false claim about the product has been corrected everywhere.


Where all the claim has been mentioned and why it has been mentioned then? What was the intention behind it?

Claim about the approval of Sanfe Period Pain Relief Roll On has been mentioned on the packaging, press release and website which was carried by various media houses. We deeply apologize for the same. We believe that startup and innovation are not a short term thing rather it is a long term selfless effort and hard work to convert a simple idea into an engineered product. Even after the product launch, we are working hard to make our product reach to masses by our #StandUpForYourself campaign.

In manufacturing industry, Ayush Approval of the product is often called as FDA Approval of Ayurvedic products, which was the source of miscommunication. The information was then distributed to various sources that Directorate of Ayush approval is equivalent to FDA approval. We have no excuse for the negligence and understand the intensity of the mistake. We take full responsibility of our mistake and promise to never do such negligence in future that would turn us down and our institute in future. There was no bad intention to have a false claim about the product.

Is Period Pain Relief Roll-On having all the certifications and approvals?

Roll On is a third party manufactured product at Space Organics in Sonipat, Haryana. The manufacturer has the necessary approval of Directorate of Ayush for manufacturing of the product and they are carrying all necessary certifications for the manufacturing and sales of the product. Space Organics is an ISO 9001:2015, Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP) and HACCP certified manufacturer. Roll On has received a great response from the customers and has proved to be effective.

What is the vision of our team? How is it creating a positive impact on women life?

The student of IITs are often seen to join companies with high paying jobs in big Multinational companies. But, Founders – Archit Agarwal and Harry Sehrawat, took an altogether  different path in early part of their career. It was their 2nd year of under graduation when they decided to travel the journey of entrepreneurship to empower women which had no career security but only a positive feeling of creating an impact in the society.

Team has a habit of working long hours without any breaks, planning to develop new products and exploring new ways to deliver the products that are need of the hour. The team of 11 professionals is led by young entrepreneurs to deliver high-value products to society. We believe that startup is a long journey and making false claims deliberately with no grounds would never help us in the long term and with our vision of creating a positive impact in society.

What do we need from your side to achieve our aim?

We need your trust and support in our efforts so that we continuously strive to develop and deliver products which improve women health care and hygiene. However, we believe that the incident of false claims about the product has resulted in a negative response of the product, which altogether puts our positive efforts into the vein. We promise and ensure to take utmost care while creating sustainable developments and impacting the society positively by our initiatives. We have a humble request to the readers to support us for our future innovations to make them accessible to the public for the betterment of society.