India’s First Underarm Care Regimen: Why, What, How?

India’s First Underarm Care Regimen: Why, What, How?

The most affected part of our body is not the face, it is our underarms that suffer a lot in every weather. Whether it is summer, monsoon or winters. In particular summer & monsoon can be extremely harsh and can damage the underarm skin. You may experience rashes, itching, hyperpigmentation, bad odor and rough skin which make a lot of us feel awkward wearing beautiful sleeveless summer dresses. As frustrating as this might seem, there’s no need to lose heart just yet. Read more to know about a complete underarm care regimen that deals with all underarm problems effectively, leaving you confident to wear sleeveless dresses.

Many of us have heard of face skincare routine but no one has ever spoken of an underarm care routine or underarm care regimen. So, some of you might be wondering why underarm care is important. Well, our underarms are very delicate compared to other skin on the body. That along with it’s warm and sweaty environment makes it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that cause bad odour.

Furthermore, your underarm skin health is very dependent on its pH level. The pH levels of your underarms should be 7. However, these levels can change due to a variety of factors like hormonal changes, environmental changes, diet and activity. An imbalance in the pH levels in the underarms causes rashes and infections since the conditions become more favourable for the bacteria to inhibit. It also experiences friction often especially when we wear tight clothing, causing the underarm skin to become rough and hyperpigmented.


Follow These 4 Easy Steps Of  Underarm Care Regimen To Get Rid Of Your Unwanted Underarm Problems!

Underarm Care Regimen:

  1. Exfoliate the underarm
  2. Remove hairs  
  3. Massage the Serum
  4. Apply Anti-Perspirant Cream

Read below to know more about each product!!

  1. Sanfe Underarm detox Exfoliator Clogging pores is a major issue leading to bacterial activity in the underarm. Sanfe Underarm Detox Exfoliator helps unclog your pores, exfoliates the skin and nourishes it. The 3 in 1 action helps to maintain skin health and also tighten pores. Benefits: Exfoliate, Tightens Pores, Nourishment, Anti-Acne, Cleanse
  2. Sanfe Underarm No Mess Razor Want to wear sleeveless but can’t because of underarm hair?? Not any more!! With sanfe No Mess Razor gets painless hair removal anywhere, anytime. The shape and size of the product is specially designed for a quick and comfortable underarm hair removal process.The ergonomically designed razors are easy to handle and easy to carry. Benefits: Pain-free, Easy to Carry, Favourable Shape, Special comb structure, Precise cut.
  3. Sanfe Underarm depigmentation Serum It helps fight skin issues and gives you a clearer spotless skin. The formulation helps in treating pigmentation, dark spots and hydrates your skin. Fights with bacteria that interfere with your skin's natural pH. Benefits: Natural Brightening, Treats Pigmentation, Tones Skin, Treats Spots, Moisturizing
  4. Sanfe Anti-Perspirant Deo Cream Summers are a lot of fun except for the underarm sweat and odor. But not any more with Sanfe Anti-Perspirant Deo Cream that leaves you fresh with a long lasting fragrance. It helps you sweat less, smell good and prevents growth of any kind of bacteria. The formulation helps to naturally brighten your skin. Benefits: Anti-Perspirant, Odor Control, Deodorizing, Anti-bacteria.