Pregnancy is the most beautiful period of any woman’s life, the journey of the nine months, brings many changes in the life of “to be parents”. From the moment the couple embarks upon this splendid journey of their lives, they face several challenges as well. Due to several hormonal changes, the body of the female goes through several changes, physical, emotional and mental. The body starts to change sizes; feeling of nausea, pain in the body, showing of stretch marks etc are some of the changes the female body undergoes.  The most critical stage is the third trimester of pregnancy, which is marked by the 28th week of pregnancy.

A women’s body goes through multiple changes, and thus it requires all the caring and pampering. During this period, women experience an increased need to use the washroom, at smaller intervals. However, many women find it very uncomfortable to squat over the toilet pot and get back up again; they sometimes have to call for help too. Many women end up holding their pee back, which may become fatal in some cases.

Moreover, for some women find it is a very painfully horrifying experience that they have to go through several times during a day.

The feeling of a constant pressure on the uterus remains one of the most common symptoms of the third trimester of pregnancy. These everyday common, uncomfortable experiences end up in making the pregnant woman feel more irritated and emotionally overwhelmed. It has also been reported that several times when women get up to pee in the middle of the night and while squatting, in their sleep they end up losing their balance and falling on the ground, leading to the unfortunate incidents of miscarriages or going into premature labor.

In such circumstances the idea of being able to stand and pee freely, without the discomfort of trying to sit and standup, is like a dream come true for any woman.  In order to make the experience a little less uncomfortable, the peeing device gives women the freedom to pee, whilst they are standing.

In public places, trains, metros, airports and even at the comfort of their homes. Especially, for pregnant women, the female urinary device comes as a boon. It liberates them from any kind of dependence over anyone, giving them the freedom to relieve themselves, in the comfort of their bathroom. Adding the peeing device to the utilities of the bathroom, just like the sanitary napkins, can prove helpful for the “to be mothers”.