Periods. You love it and panic when it doesn’t come on time and dread it when it does because it brings with it cramps, aches, mood swings and what not. Some women experience intense pain that effectively stops them from functioning normally (usually a sign of an underlying issue - you should definitely consult your doctor in this case) and for some, it’s lesser in intensity but not any less tiring. In fact, many of us may not even know that there’s a medical term that covers period pain - dysmenorrhea (literally “difficult monthly flow”). While some women lose the pain as the years go by, many suffer for longer periods of time. Period pains are also usually accompanied by other premenstrual symptoms such as bloating and tender breasts.

For relief, we’ve all made a dash (or made a sibling, parent or friend dash) to the nearest medical store for painkillers. Or decided to wait it out stoically. Or scrambled to put together grandma’s age-old remedies. But it’s not so easy now, is it? Medicines are effective but have side effects. Waiting it out means, well, it means a lot of time. Grandma had the advantage of plucking fresh natural ingredients from her backyard or her neighbours’ but the chances of knowing and finding these ingredients in your neighbourhood is tough if not impossible. Other solutions like a hot water bottle are not always available at hand and in any case cannot be used outside of home.

At Sanfe, we thought of doing something about this pain point. So, we developed a nifty little thing called - the Sanfe Fem Cramp Relief Roll On. A magical formulation of essential oils, it gives instant relief and is 100% natural. All you have to do is roll it over your pain areas such as abdomen, inner thighs and lower back. And no, it won’t leave any stains on your clothes or smell strange. Remember to keep it in your handbag so that you are armed to easily overcome the debilitating menstrual cramps whenever and wherever they strike.

Our roll on is a great way to manage pain safely. But along with it, you can always do more to feel even more comfortable. For instance -

  • Hot water baths
  • Soothing massages
  • Wearing loose fitting clothes
  • Gentle exercises

So there, periods can now be nice and pain free. Not to forget, free from side effects, wasted time and complicated efforts.

At Sanfe, we endeavor to help you win your battles because we strongly believe that every time a woman wins a battle, the world becomes a better place.