As far as period trends go (if there is such a thing as that), menstrual cups are becoming popular across the globe and in India. Most women who have adopted them swear by them while many remain unsure or uncomfortable to give it a try. At Sanfe, we’re big fans of menstrual cups but we understand the apprehensions. Here are a few reasons why we think you could give it try.  

  • They are very comfortable

Most users of menstrual cups say that they are the most comfortable solution for managing the menstrual flow. There is no movement restriction and you can do all kinds of physical activities including swimming. Moreover, whatever be the dress you wear, it doesn’t show.

  • You can wear them for longer

Depending on your flow, you can wear one easily for at least 10 hours. During this time, you could either be sedentary or very active - the cup can handle it all.  

  • They cost less (for you and for the planet)

Not only are they eco-friendly compared to many other options available, but they also make economic sense in the long run too. Why? Because unlike with pads, where you need to maintain regular stocks, with a good quality menstrual cup or 2, you're sorted for many a year. SanFe cups are made from 100% medical grade silicone and are designed to last for years with proper care.

  • They're not as invasive as you think

Contrary to fears, menstrual cups are hardly noticeable once you've worn them. In fact, the sign of having worn a cup properly comes from the fact that you won't even feel it once it's in. From this point on, you could be on a run, doing yoga, reading a book or just getting some sleep - and your cup will remain in place, out of the way so you can carry on unhindered. No worries about displacements and leaks.

  • They need a little extra care

It's true that cups mean a certain amount of maintenance unlike sanitary pads and their 'stick it, wear it, forget it, throw it' routine. This means you need to be clean the cup post-use and store it. It's a little added effort but if that means a more relaxed and freer period time, then we think it's totally worth it. 

The more we look at it, cups seem to be the most natural way to deal with this most natural of body functions. So, if your cycle is due anytime soon, give the menstrual cup a chance. Pick a size from the 3 that we have available, and see how it changes your period experience completely!