We all use a public toilet frequently whether, at college, job or even on the road but have you

ever wondered if you are using it correctly because let us be honest, public washrooms are a germ house with a million different type of bacterias and germs( mostly fecal
origin) some of which may persist for months even after cleaning.

Different places in the public bathroom are rich in different types of bacterias for instance

The handle has mostly skin associated bacterias, toilet seats/shafts are rich in gut germs and so
on. In such circumstances, it is not unreasonable to follow these tips on your next visit to your local restroom.

Tips to ensure that you don’t end up dead with disgust and infections after using a public washroom –

  1. Always look for the cleanest stall before doing your business even if you are in a
    hurry because believe me, its worth the wait.
    Bonus: stall closest to the bathroom door is usually the cleanest as its least used.
  2. Use your own seat protector and if you don?t have one then make one using sheets or towels available in the washroom. Avoid contact with ANYthing inside the washroom because everything is crawling with dirt, germs and bacterias(literally!).
    Pro Tip: use some kind of covering using toilet paper etc when you have to touch
    anything including the flush button.
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly with hot water if possible otherwise rinse them for at least 40 seconds.
  4. Never keep your belongings on the bathroom floor because its the dirtiest place inside the washroom full of germs that get transferred from the toilet bowl.
  5. Having a hand sanitizer with you is never a bad idea since it always comes in handy whenever you are outdoors. Always clean your hands with a sanitizer once you exit the Restroom.
  6. One can also use female urination devices like Sanfe, which is a Stand & Pee device for women, during their visit to the washroom