Rediscover Yourself this Quarantine

Rediscover Yourself this Quarantine

Women are born with the potential to imbibe life within themselves.

They can very well find a new person or nurture an old one from within.

The long quarantine has given us a sneak peek into the social media handles of many women, boasting about deliciously cooked dishes, skillful art and craft designs and melodiously sung tracks among many other things.

However, some of our ‘wonder women’ still seem to be engrossed with office work, household duties, family responsibilities and have been struggling to strike a balance between all these things, missing out on some leisurely time and honing their hidden skills or long lost passion. 

In order to remind women to make the best of this time by living for themselves and their desires, we are here to guide them on how to relive the joyous days from the past.  


Down the Memory Lane 


The busy lives of women make them forget the activities that used to bring out the best in them and made them the happiest.

But now it’s time! To travel back and rediscover those things that bring back happiness. 

Be it photography, or collecting pictures in a scrapbook, gardening or cooking anything and everything delicious, singing or striking the right cords of an instrument, or even performing a skit for the little ones.

Or even reignite within, the desire of picking up the mighty pen, or paint brushes, the needle & the thread!


Something New in the Brewing


There’s also ample time to even learn something absolutely new and be perfect with it. That is the beauty of all the time that we’re left with while quarantining. With the world sharing every second blatantly on the internet, we have access to a plethora of new ideas and activities that we can easily adapt. The human heart allows us to make fall in love with so many things! So, why not love something new? Enhance oneself a little more.


Learn to Work Around the Clock  


The challenge we face in our regular life is of time-management. Even though we want to do everything under the sky, we’re restricted by the 24 hours on the clock. So, let’s take this freedom of having ample amount of time in this quarantine, to learn time-management for carrying out all our favourite activities without interruptions. Set a time around the office work and the household chores so that there’s no missing out even when we all are back in our regular lives.    


Don't Forget to Showcase your Splendid Work!  


A lot of women shy away from social media and like to live low-key. 

But we would recommend all our ladies to come out of their cocoons of self-doubt and proudly present their talents on social media handles. This not just garners appreciation from everyone around but also from the soul within oneself. 

 As this lockdown is already mentally exhausting for all of us, a little motivation to pursue our long-forgotten hobbies will do no harm.