Results of probe startup IIT Delhi after startup falsely claimed product had FDA

Results of probe startup IIT Delhi after startup falsely claimed product had FDA

With the ongoing media chaos, it was notified to everyone via publishing a corrigendum in a major leading newspaper, The Hindu, regarding the misquotation of FDA approval claim. Sanfe Period Pain Relief Roll On was given a certified approval through Ministry of Ayush and had done the testing of the product by Space organics. As informed by Sanfe’s co-founder, Archit Aggarwal had mentioned that he had miscommunicated the FDA approval and considered Ministry of Ayush’s approval equivalent to the FDA one. However, realising the mistake on their part, they immediately published the corrigendum to aware their audience regarding the fault in the hope of not jeopardizing any relations with the consumer.

Archit Aggarwal and Harry Sehrawat, are currently encouraging women to join in their #StandUpforYourself movement by spreading the word about UTI and period pain and how to combat such situations. They urge women to share their stories and post them on social media by tagging #StandUpForYourself and are gifted free social products from Sanfe.

Roll on for menstrual pain was designed keeping in mind the fact that almost 40% of women ditch their work/school if they are having menstruation since it not only decreases their productivity but also halts their life by hampering every other activity due to severe menstrual cramps.

IIT Delhi is still reviewing its decision regarding the issue if it was a deliberate move by the founders or not. As of now, Archit and Harry have also shown the Ministry of Ayush approval certificate and are already raising their voice against dirty toilets and empowering women through their stand & pee device which gives women the freedom to stand and urinate on dirty toilet seats and combat infections like UTI. Archit and Harry are currently focusing on improving the toilet and health and hygiene situation in India, especially for women.

Still awaiting the decision, Sanfe is encouraging women to #StandUpForYourself and create awareness by sharing their stories on online media platforms to create a community of health and hygienic women across the