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We all have been queuing up for Sulabh Sauchalya whenever our bladder has been sending out leaking signals. But what we really need is not only SULABH but a SAAF Sauchalya all over the country. Despite the govt enforcing sweepers everywhere at intervals, these washrooms are rarely cleaned up and are most prone to contract Urinary Tract Infections. This condition is prevalent almost everywhere we go – Shopping Malls, Food Outlets, Offices, Schools & Colleges. Matters can go haywire especially for regular travellers who end up not using the washroom for hygiene purposes and get diseases later on for holding on for too long at times. In our country, we have often seen millions of men take out their dangling bits and pee on the walls of any place but a woman does not even know where to find a decent washroom. Unless we all want to go retro and stay inside homes, it is extremely crucial to find a solution to this ever standing problem of being an XY chromosome.

With the latest venture of IIT Delhi, one can finally take matters into their own hands and enjoy the freedom to urinate. Now you can stand and pee using SANFE, your own personal travel hygiene kit. This particular device can be used by placing it with your hand under the flow area so that you can pee while standing and don’t have to sit on dirty toilet seats which are forever stained and not swiped clean. There must have been so many times when you don’t get to search for a better washroom due to either unavailability or lack of time and end up using the bad ones. But given the population of our country we don’t have enough public washrooms and the burden is usually highlighted when a female is travelling. And with that these fellow IITians came up with this useful and crucial venture for all the females travelling incessantly day and night to make their dreams successful and earn their bread, a solution to the biggest problem regarding female hygiene and sanitation.

Sanfe is a biodegradable product with a menstrual friendly design which ensures that it accommodates all bodily secretions and facilitate the continuous flow of blood clots along the passage. Keeping in mind that the majority of Indian women drape beautiful traditional sarees, the design has been made for single-handed use so that it’s easier to grip and can be used with every form of attire. It is flexible enough to accommodate the flow region and the flaps eliminate the chances of a paper cut with rounded edges and automatically wipes the perineum area post usage. With the biodegradable paper, Sanfe is not only hygienic but pure and has no smell and is an absolute travel essential for women. The product has been kept at an affordable price so that females from all walks of life and different social strata are able to use this product without thinking of any excess monetary expenditure.

Women have been facing these problems since centuries and finally you can relieve yourself from contracting not only UTI but also ending up in permanent kidney damage. For a healthy YOU, Sanfe stands not only for YOU but your body, health & sanitation. It’s high time to use Sanfe and Stand Up For Yourself.