Every girl in this world has been in a situation where she had to enter a public washroom with a desperate urge to pee only to look at the stinky and dirty toilet bowl of a typical public Indian bathroom which we all know have never been cleaned in an eternity.

Every girl stuck in such a situation has wished if only they could pee like a guy and why not, after all, it’s so much more convenient and time-saving and best of all, you do not have to touch that dingy toilet seat of a public washroom. Well to your rescue, an expert team of IIT Delhi students have worked incessantly to create Sanfe, which is a Stand & Pee device for women. Yes, you read that right!! Now women too can Stand and Pee like men. But yes you won’t see a woman peeing on any wall, unlike men who have been taking out their dangling bits peeing almost on every wall since ages.

Sanfe is India’s first biodegradable and menstrual friendly female urination device which eliminates the fear of public and common washrooms among the female population.
It is can be used with a single hand grip so that women from all walks of life can use Sanfe despite the different attires in the Indian scenario.

In addition to reducing the situation of withholding the urge to pee, wiping toilet seats and hovering or squatting over them, Sanfe also helps women prevent contracting Urinary Tract Infections, which every year 15 million women become of victim of in India itself.

Since Sanfe allows women to stand and pee which drastically decreases the chances of bacteria (like E. coli) to get transferred from your digestive to your urinary tract and hence helps women to avoid contracting a UTI.

Sanfe is extremely portable and can fit pretty much any place like your purse or bag or even your pocket. It’s easy to use given one just have to open the flaps and adjust accordingly and in less than 10 seconds you are ready to do your business without any problems and that too with super ease. The self-adjustable design is gentle on the skin and ensures zero leakage or any spills or splashes. Saving the best for the last is the cost of sanfe, you can get all these benefits at a mere ?10! Like seriously is this a good gift or what? It is available on India’s leading platforms like Amazon &Flipkart.

Sanfe hopes to empower every woman in the country today by giving them the freedom to do what they want to do and not let any biological wall create any hindrance in their development.