With women, there have always been certain boundaries. Whether it is biological or geographical or social or cultural, a boundary wall has always existed. The XY chromosome seems to have adapted these boundaries so well that we tend to forget that these have been created by us, humans, ourselves and not by Mother Earth.

With the gender equality issue finally taking its leap and creating a furore amongst everyone, it is indeed the best time to be a woman. With women all around the world finally breaking the shackles of society and flying high with their aspirations and desires, it is time to stand up and raise your voice to break the ceiling and not let it crumble upon you.

It is indeed common to see that women supporting each other of their kind. But what is astonishing is when men do the same. Women supporting women. Men supporting men. Women supporting men. But men supporting women? Now that’s what makes all the difference. And so it happened with these students of IIT Delhi. Being a part of such a pioneered institute, it is no wonder that Archit Aggarwal & Harry Sehrawat wanted to create a positive impact on society. Along with their strenuous efforts in semester examinations, they had to buckle up even more when they realised that charity begins at home. When one of their friends suffered from UTI, they realised how many problems loom daily over women.

And that is how #StandUpForYourself came into its existence. Both of them embarked on their newfangled journey with Sanfe Stand & Pee and Sanfe Period Pain Relief Roll On for women. Sanfe Stand & Pee was designed to empower and help women to tackle infections like UTI and prevent dirty toilet seats in public washrooms. And, Sanfe Period Pain Relief Roll On was created to provide menstrual comfort to women so that they get instant relief from menstrual cramps and mood swings during those days of the month.

Archit and Harry knew these products need the light of digital media to reach beyond boundaries and nation and hence started #StandUpForYourself movement in social media to create the storm and talk about important issues like Urinary Tract Infections and Period Taboos.

They even gave out free products to women who shared their experiences over social media regarding such issues and shared their post/stories tagging #StandUpForYourself to let the ball rolling. With more and more women participating in this movement, they could see how important it was for everyone to know about such social products that can bring a significant change in their lives.

Not only on social media, but they also teamed up with NGOs such as Pinkish foundation and Sachhi Saheli to create awareness about the problems and the solutions they can provide to women. Sanfe went on in different college campuses from the prestigious Hindu college to Daulat Ram to Shivaji to Pearl Academy. They even made Campus Ambassadors in respective colleges to aware young women about the healthy and hygienic choices they can make to create a considerable difference in their lives.

With the #StandUpForYourself movement, they urge women to take a stand in their lives to the issues which matter and needs to be talked about and resolved with sustainable solutions like Sanfe’s social products such as Sanfe Stand & Pee and Sanfe Period Pain Relief Roll On.