My best friend is getting married and I have been so excited ever since she was engaged. The big day is finally here. She has been so nervous since the morning. I am trying my best to calm her down as I am her bridesmaid and it is my responsibility that everything goes well. At around 6pm, my friend was all dressed up, in her wedding attire. She looked like an angel, the most beautiful girl on earth. It was time to take her to the mandap. We could feel butterflies in our tummies. I went on a final round of inspection if everything was in place, before the bride takes her walk at the altar. I checked the food, drinks, arrangements etc. I passed in front of the female washroom, where I saw that an argument was going on between a group of ladies, who were complaining that the washroom is very dirty. The complaining aunties were from the groom’s side. I was so afraid; everything is going to be spoiled. When I checked for myself, the toilets were dirty as were used multiple times, by so many people. However, I had to handle the situation, anyhow. I was all tensed and thinking how to handle everything, it was then that it occurred to me that a friend of mine told me something about this product called Sanfe. I quickly googled it, and to my surprise it was a peeing device, with which women could comfortably urinate without coming in touch with the seat of the toilet. While googling I saw that they were available on amazon. I asked the ladies, to calm down for a moment and I rushed towards the nearby amazon warehouse. I got a pack of 2000 units of Sanfe and put them outside the ladies washroom. The groom’s family was happy that the situation was saved. My friend had no idea about the whole drama, I didn’t tell her, as it would spoil her mood. She got happily married. Her bridesmaid and Sanfe saved her big day.