Menstruation or periods as we call it is a physical phenomenon associated with women during the reproductive phase of their life. Since the process is unique to women the society is surrounded by many myths and taboos associated with women and menstruation.

Periods have been a subject of taboo all around the world. Interestingly, the word ‘taboo’ itself comes from the Polynesian word ‘tapua’ which means menstruation. Coincidence? Haha! Moreover, Indians are quite adamant towards the matter of periods and the mere talk about it is a taboo.

The biggest taboo related to periods that has burgeoned in the Indian society overages is that women are treated as impure during menstruation and hence should not be allowed to enter temples. Just like all myths are surrounded by some story or beliefs, this belief is also surrounded by a belief that period blood is associated with a poignant and evil smell that can

turn healthy food to rot. This is similar to the practice of separating a rotten banana from a bunch of healthy bananas just to prevent them from rotting.

But here it is women and her sentiments that we are talking about. Due to this belief in many of the brahminical societies, women are prohibited to enter kitchen, touch pickles and other items and they are also debarred from cooking food for the family.

Recently the Sabarimala case gained extreme controversy in this regard where women were not allowed to enter the temple. This is indeed a serious discrimination women have to face. Although it’s the 21 st century with the nation taking a lead towards women empowerment and feminism this still remains a taboo. Surprisingly in contrast to above to taboos and supporting myths South Indian families hold something called a puberty ceremony where they evocatively celebrate a girl’s first period. Amazing isn’t it?

Menstrual Synchrony is another taboo which exists between women and society but is pertinent to women. Expressing it using some scientific terms it goes like “Women who go together, flow together”. Although the scientific idea behind it revolves around the concept of “pheromones”, it continues to remain a taboo.

Female sanitation and hygiene products are not even discussed openly, let alone ensuring women are maintaining and using it. It is crucial to have workshops in our society regarding hygiene tips for women to educate and aware them about the hygiene essentials and hygiene products they can use to keep them safe and sound always.

A recent survey stated that 40% of women miss going to their work and school due to period pain. Women have often voiced out their opinion regarding menstrual cramps that it tends to decrease their productivity the entire day. This can lead to being a negative example because no one should have to miss school or work due to a natural phenomenon. Alternatives women have always resorted to having been over the counter pills or age-old traditions of using hot water bags, but with the side effects of having painkillers and not being able to use hot water bottles outside, the only logical and natural solution is using a period pain relief roll on made with essential oils to reduce menstrual cramps during those days of the month.

Period pain relief is what every woman desires to have on those difficult days which can ensure that they continue to do their daily activities without any biological barrier.