Often, when we hear about any new product, our resistance to it is very high. We have seen so many of these product manufacturers claim that they want good for us (when all they want is our money and so much of it), is that we no longer want to take any new product seriously. Especially when it comes to health and hygiene related products. However, what is interesting is that if we start being open minded about some of these products, we realize why they’re worth it. Take pee funnels for instance.

Last week, I witnessed a stall at one of the college fests where I was visiting. Now, typically, in any college event or fest, we expect that there will be stalls around festival products (Diwali in this case), or else generic consumer products like beauty care, mehndi, handmade artifacts etc.

However, I was surprised to see something called as a ‘pee funnel’ or a ‘pee cup’ being displayed at one of the stalls. Now ideally, a urinating device (I didn’t even know what it meant then), isn’t something one expects to see in a college Diwali fest. But there it was – Sanfe – staring me in my face.

On one hand, I was curious. Next, I was suddenly shy and unsure. I felt inquisitive but embarrassed to ask. Put so many emotions together in my head and my fight responses get triggered. So, I decided to take this head=on and went to the kiosk to inquire about the product.

Now the truth is that I so want to tell you the story that the students at the stall told me. They were from IIT Delhi and the story of how Sanfe came to be was amazing. However, the point is not to tell THAT story right now. Right now, I must just tell you how pleased I was when they explained the product and what it does to me in detail.

Without any discomfort, awkwardness or embarrassment about discussing female anatomy (you may find it surprising but we still don’t really deal very well with menstruation, reproductive health, or even something as simple as urination and Uro-vaginal health, when it comes to women). I was very pleasantly surprised to see how these students spoke of dirty toilets, women’s dignity, UTIs and how to avoid them in the same paragraph.

They said their product was made and designed so that women wouldn’t have to use dirty toilets and that they had designed it in a manner that it was easy to use with one hand and it was gentle on the body, rather than have sharp edges that cut into the body. They even urged me to use it in the toilets nearby.

I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised at the simple, user-friendly product that these students had designed and also how cost effective it was. I mean for one pizza worth of money, I can use one Sanfe every day for 2 months’ worth of working days. That’s some serious fear of UTIs avoided man!

As surprised as I was, I must admit, I came back very impressed and having bought 2 boxes. I have started using them, not daily, but based on when I need them. However, I can see myself looking back at the day I first saw and used a pee funnel.  I am confident, by then, I will be grateful to be UTI free because of that day.

Keep up the good work Sanfe!