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Tips To Stay Clean And Fresh During Periods

Tips To Stay Clean And Fresh During Periods

Menses come and go every month. Most of the women don’t look forward to their periods. Often it is a state of discomfort no one wants to face. Not only due to cramps, but menses can also be irksome for the nastiness they offer. Many women feel unclean or unfresh during periods.

Read on about the following ways which will help you to stay clean and smelling fresh during periods!

  1. The first step towards menstrual hygiene is to choose your method of sanitation. Starting from disposable pads to menstrual cups, women have a variety of products to choose from. Choose what suits you, be it a pad or a cup!
  2. If you use a pad, make sure you change it periodically. If it is a reusable pad, remove and wash it whenever you feel the need to change it. Try to keep spare pads or tampons with you always. Wearing any sanitary product for more than 8-9 hours is unhygienic and can cause rashes and infections.
  3. For cleaner menses, heavy or nighttime pads can be used. It will be thicker and will provide you protection from leakage.
  4. You should be physically and mentally comfortable during your periods. To that end, the body needs space and comfort. Thus, one should avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes during periods.
  5. Keep your body clean by showering regularly. This is one of the basic steps to smell and feel fresh during periods. Wash your intimate areas frequently to avoid the build-up of blood or other fluids in there.
  6. Wear clean, cotton underwear. Unlike other fibers, cotton is permeable and would allow the vagina to breathe. Change your underwear if it is damp with sweat or fluid, or if you feel the need to.
  7. Never clean your vagina. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ. Vulva, on the other hand, lies on the exterior and needs to be washed.
  8. Intimate Wash should be used to wash the sensitive area. Common soaps disturb the pH balance of the vulvar area.
  9. In case you are traveling and don’t have access to running water or a clean washroom facility Feminine Hygiene Wipes can be used to keep yourselves feeling clean and fresh. Any extra blood or sweat down there can be easily removed using these wipes. Female Sanitary Wipes can also aid in getting rid of any unpleasant odor, but they are not reusable and need to be discarded immediately after use.
  10. Despite taking all the precautions, rashes may occur. Period rashes happen when the pad has been wet for a long time and has been chafing against your inner thighs. To prevent the rash from getting worse, change your pad frequently. You can also apply ointments to soothe the rash. Still, if it persists or increases in intensity, you should consult your doctor.
  11. Eat healthily. Stay away from salty and fatty food. Body and vaginal odor are linked to your food intake. Certain foods like garlic, coffee, and other fried foods can cause pungent smells to emanate during periods. Include fruits in your diet. They will help you with cramps. Chocolates are also a healthy option during your periods.

The smell, however, should not be a huge concern. Each woman smells distinctly during her periods, which is normal. But, when the smell turns into an odor, it may intervene with hygiene matters. In such cases, it is recommended to visit your gynecologist, to rule out infection, if any.