These days’ travelling is the new blue. Exploring the new horizons of the globe has become the latest hobby of the youth. This generation has given the nation many budding travelers. These young travelers are a storehouse of energy and passion, and with this energy and passion, they have embarked upon their nomadic voyage of exploring and finding themselves. These travelling spirits are emerging from every nook and corner of the nation, the younger population is enthusiastic to come out of their comfort zone and start their infinite journey. It has not been long since traveling was considered a recreational activity of the males only. Recently, even the females have stepped out of the confines of their home and taken up the baton of their life into their hands to go on an expedition. Many universities, colleges and corporate spaces have started assimilating travel trips into their yearly plan.

For a woman, everything comes with a struggle and this newly found rendezvous that the independent strong woman has embarked upon comes with a price too. As much as travelling is a journey of self-discovery, women have often found themselves in situations where this experience can be challenging, scary and very overwhelming. Travelling comes as a more trying and testing period for women. Taking into consideration the crime rate in our country against women, Hygiene comes as the biggest safety issue for women travelers. Often times, women face the problem of dirty, unhygienic toilets. The worse case scenarios arise when women do not find any public toilets. Many times, they have to relieve themselves in open areas only. A women’s body has biological and anatomical boundaries, which makes her body prone to the preying eyes during this process of freshening up.

When a young girl travels, she is engulfed by the fear of safety issues, late night surveillance and taking care of herself whilst travelling alone. Unplanned arrival of periods can be the biggest nightmare for any solo traveler. Keeping yourself clean and hygienic can be quite a task when one is on move. As we often hear, uncertainties and travelling go hand in hand. Lack of resources in an underdeveloped area can be a big reason to worry and can in turn lead to poor intimate hygiene. As the female body is constantly subjected to harsh weather conditions, humidity, difficult terrain etc, it is very important that women take care of themselves by keeping themselves hydrated. However, the fear of dirty toilets and the horror of not finding a toilet altogether, forces women to dehydrate their bodies or maybe hold their pee for long hours. Poor hygiene will lead to health issues like cystitis and urinary tract infection.