Using public washrooms- you may be in danger?

Using public washrooms- you may be in danger?

Are you one of those humans too who are afraid of visiting a public washroom especially when you think of the doorknob, the floor, the toilet cubicle, the toilet seat and the flush! Do you feel like running away but cannot due to nature’s unwanted timing calls?

What do you think you could catch in a public washroom? Definitely not the Pokémon! Although one can always try and should definitely let everyone know because then a lot of people would stop searching for them on roads and get hit by a car! Seriously? Well you could always catch bacteria’s and infections from the public restrooms.

Hepatitis A virus, Streptococcus, staphylococcus, E.coli and shigella bacteria and common cold are few of the treasures you can always get easily and few not so easily in a public washroom. But you don’t have to worry or creep out of the washroom just now after discovering the names because if you have a healthy immune system, you are most likely not going to get any of these and rest easy in your life.

Are you one of those germaphobes, who squirm at the thought of touching the handle, toilet seat and covers? And are you one of those who have contracted UTI by using a public washroom? Then you MUST try to avoid the public washrooms at all cost. But wait? How can you do that? Since, holding your urine for longer period of time can weaken the bladder muscles and built up bacteria’s from the inside.

Going to the washroom and found it uninviting? It is and can be with the amount of people forgetting to wipe or refusing to flush or scattering their bits and pieces of toilet paper all over the floor. But what you can always do is avoid the seat altogether by opting for Sanfe Stand & Pee, which is a female urine funnel that gives women the freedom to stand and urinate in a toilet by preventing dirty toilet seats and combating infections like UTI.

You can also use these preventive measures to ensure you stay hygienic –

  1. Do not touch the door knob with your bare hands. Use a tissue paper in your hand to do the same.
  2. Always ensure to wipe the toilet seat before sitting on it.
  3. Flush the toilet and go out because the bacteria’s are airlifted and can climb up to 6 feet and stay for 2 hours.
  4. Make sure you wash your hands with a soap or a sanitizer before leaving the washroom.
  5. Carry women travel disposable urination funnels like Sanfe Stand & Pee which lets women take matters into their own hands and urinate while standing without the chaos of touching so many things.

No matter which method you choose to swear by – hovering over the toilet seat, squatting over the toilet seat, protecting yourself by layering the seat with toilet paper or altogether ditching the idea of the washroom, you are sincerely not alone in this and everyone just wants to find their perfect hygienic spot which seems forever unlikely and hence using paper funnels that can be easily disposed of while using a public washroom seems the best option to go to. This way, you would be protecting yourself from those bacteria’s and germs and infections like UTI.